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Sports Drinks Might Cause

Serious Dental Damage 

Sports drinks might not be all they’re cracked up to be.

Although they seem like they are a healthier choice compared to a glass of soda, a new study shows that the citric acid they contain can damage teeth.

The finding comes from a study involving teeth from cows. New York University College of Dentistry researchers cut the teeth in half and placed them in top-selling sports drinks. After soaking for up to 90 minutes, which the researchers said simulated sipping on the drinks throughout the day, the enamel coating of the teeth was partially eaten away. This allowed the drinks to leak into the bonelike material underneath the enamel, causing the teeth to soften and weaken.

Surprisingly, brushing immediately after having a sports drink might actually cause more damage, the study’s author said. “The softened tooth enamel is vulnerable to the abrasiveness of toothpaste.” He also offered the follow advice to protect your teeth;

"To prevent tooth erosion, consume sports drinks in moderation and wait at least 30 minutes before brushing your teeth, to allow softened enamel to re-harden," he said. "If you frequently consume sports drinks, ask your dentist if you should use an acid-neutralizing, re-mineralizing toothpaste to help re-harden soft enamel."

Drinking sports drinks can be more satisfying than plain old water for many people and certainly healthier than soda, but you should take the right precautions when drinking it to avoid damaging your teeth.

Have a healthy day,

Larry Berman  

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