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Turbo Charge Your Body

The Only Way to Get
into Great Shape after 60…

With These 6 Simple Exercises you'll pack on More Lean Muscle than You Would Lifting Heavy Weights…Turbo Charge Your Life Better than Any Prescription Medication EVER could…

It's Hands Down the Best Way to Improve Your Overall Quality of Life Short of a Swim in the Fountain of Youth!

The best part – it only takes a few minutes a day…

Dear Health Conscious Reader,

You don't need any bulky equipment or expensive gadgets.

And you don't have to sign a 10 year contract at some expensive health club. Most of the people I've talked to never ended up going anyways!

Jogging? Just a big waste of time — let's be honest it's boring and over the long haul you're just not going to stick with it. Regardless, the results you'd get are paltry compared to the kind of strides you can make in just minutes a day — using my 6 secret bodyweight exercises and a few common household items you can have:

  • A wash board stomach at 65 years of age
  • Perfect posture even after decades of slouching
  • Flexibility that can rival your grandchildren

Start today and you'll see results immediately! Students I've coached using my 6 "secret home gym" callisthenic movements – have told me they feel 10-20 years younger after just a few weeks using my unique system.

In Just 4 Weeks you'll be the Envy of ALL Your Friends!

Using my 6 simple movements enhanced by a few common household items – in just 15 minutes a day you're going to reshape your body and enrich life like you never imagined possible!

At first you won't believe it's really happening – but once your friends start talking you're going to wish you'd started my program years ago! And trust me the rumors spread fast.

By Week #1: You're going to feel like you just came back from a cruise. Your energy is going to sky rocket and stress is going to roll off your back. By the end of this first 7 days your confidence is going to be at a new all time high! You'll already feel the results.

By Week #2: Everyone's going to know you've been working out. You'll be faster, stronger and have more endurance than you've had in a long time. Friends and family members are going to be blown away by how great you look. But don't stop now – this is where the real magic starts to happen!

Doc, I started the exercise program you recommended and my life has improved so much. When we first met I hadn't gotten a full night sleep for over a year because of shoulder pain. I couldn't raise my right arm higher than my shoulder. I was in pain 24 hours a day and now I'm virtually pain free. I am stronger, I can sleep through the night again and I lost 10 pounds to boot. This just goes to show you that even a guy in his mid 60's can improve his life.


Ralph Gregory

Lake Worth, FL

Doc, I'm inspired. When I was younger I ran track and lifted weights. Since I turned 49 I became concerned about getting older and wondering about the limitations that come with aging. After meeting you and learning your workout routine you have convinced me to keep on training. I recommend your routines to those who need to improve their general overall conditioning. I'm sure anyone who participates will become stronger and will improve their range of motion and flexibility. Like you said age is a state of mind.


Jeffery Valas
Meredith, NH

By Week #3: By this point you're going to feel almost super human. You're going to see muscles in your arms, chest and shoulders that you haven't seen in years. And if you look out of the corner of your eye you're going to notice girls are checking you out again! At this point you've probably told everyone you know about my program – or maybe it's your little secret. It's up to you.

By Week #4: You'll be a new man! A lean flat stomach, muscles popping up everywhere (especially in the bedroom) and enough get-up-and-go to accomplish anything — you're going to be sexier and more vigirous than many men half your age. You'll feel like 20 years has been wiped of your slate almost overnight! And your animal energy will be a raging river – so you might want to warn your wife.

Your Friends Will Want to Know
What Plastic Surgeon You're Using!

Your buddies will be green with envy. Because the truth is my 6 tier home based body sculpting system does what no plastic surgeon can. You're going to be a new person from top to bottom and inside out!

Leaner, meaner, healthier, stronger, sexier and more confident! Give it just 4 weeks. You'll see there's nothing you can't accomplish. No tummy tuck can do all that!

Hi, my names Doc Darville. And I'm a 64 year old police officer in a small little beach side town here in sunny South Florida. And if you haven't already heard my story you must not live anywhere near my patrol area.

By now just about everyone in town knows my life story – because for a while there it was quite a tragedy.

See it wasn't too long ago (just 6 years) I was lying in a hospital bed 40 lbs. over weight recovering from my 3rd heart attack. The first 2 were just warnings by comparison – but this last one almost killed me!

I was fat, tired, depressed and after examining the last few years of my life – I decided that if I made it through this — things were going to be different this time around.

The Best Shape EVER – in the Comfort of Your Own Home!

After leaving the hospital I was stuck in the house for about 2 months while I recovered from my near death experience. But I was determined not to let that stop me from keeping my promise to get back in shape.

And what I discovered trying to stay on track in those 2 months forever changed the way I look at fitness — and life in general.

Not Just Fit – But Functional

And once I'd smoothed all the rough edges off my program — it all happened so fast! I didn't even have to step one foot outside my house either. I had discovered a better gym inside my own home!

Using simple household items and variations on callisthenic movements I'd picked up from a few antique books I purchased over the years (I collect old military and martial arts texts) – I was able to re-sculpt my body almost overnight.

I've known Doc for over a decade. This man is a legend! He's an inspiration to everyone. Doc is proof that life is what you make of it. His knowledge and physical prowess are incomparable. I love his outgoing personality + his desire to help you achieve your fitness goals. Thanks Doc for all you've done + what you'll continue to do!

Randi Boike
Certified Fitness Instructor
Age 42

Hi Doc,

What a difference in training. As you know I was a power lifter and won the New York State Police Olympics Gold Medal for power lifting in 1978 and 1979 and in 1978 I was the silver medal winner for power lifting in the International Police Olympics. That being said I thought I had a handle on how to be physically fit. With your instruction I now have a completely different outlook on physical fitness. Your programs have shown me that range of motion is as important as strength and that endurance should not be taken for granted. You have taught me to create a healthy functional lifestyle.

Thanks You,

Warren Burnett
Boynton Beach, FL

And the fact that I was still recovering from a heart attack really helped me refine my program to the cutting edge. I was still so weak I could only train for 10 to 15 minutes at a time. So I had to modify every movement for maximum results in the shortest amount of time possible.

Long runs and hours spent in the gym weren't even an option. And guess what? It worked better than I even thought possible.

You Want This…No — You NEED This!

When I started this project the last thought in my head was to sell my program – honestly at the time I wouldn't have even known where to start. But I knew I was really on to something life altering here.

After a few weeks on my system I had completely forgotten that I was supposed to be bed ridden.

To everyone's surprise by the end of my second month I was already back to work – a whole month ahead of schedule! That's when I knew I had to share what I learned with the rest of the world.

The Secret to Real Health and Fitness Over 50…

Strength…flexibility…and endurance for everyday functional life. Get ready because if it worked for a guy like me – in the kind of shape I was in. You'll be on your way in no time.
You need to be fast, strong and flexible. So no phony puffed up weight lifter muscles allowed. My program teaches the secrets to attaining REAL power – cave man power — cat like speed and the flexibility of a child.

Put all these things together – and then throw in the kind of wild dog endurance it takes to go all day long. The whole time looking and feeling better than you ever have...
That's how you change your life in a BIG way – and fast!

Turn Fat to Muscle…Double Your Flexibility…
and Super Charge Your Energy Levels Almost Overnight!

You can fight and even beat most illnesses without dangerous surgery or medications.  You can restore your youthful energy, regain your strength, and get back your mental, physical and vigorous energy!

I'm living proof. I'm not some fitness nut that's been working out his entire life watching everything he eats. I was as bad as it gets. Now I feel vigorous and powerful – like a wild animal or a cave man!

And if it worked for me it can definitely work for you too. Even better really – my system has already been refined. No more guess work or refinements – just amazing results.

Hi Doc, I'm back and ready to resume my training. Those exercises you showed me really helped. I thought I would never play tennis again, but that has all changed. With your training my endurance and flexibility improved so much I started playing tennis again. And I've been getting a ton of compliments on and off the court. It's really exhilarating. Your training really paid off and I can't wait to get started again.


Violeta Ogden
Ocean Ridge, FL

My approach is simple.  It consists of 6 little known but amazingly effective rejuvenating exercises (I guarantee you've never done these before) modified by me so that anyone of any age — and any lifestyle can do them right away.

Remember, I was no spring chicken (64 years old) couple that with 3 heart attacks and years of inactivity – and your run of the mill workout routine would have done nothing for me.

From Old Man to Cave Man in Just 4 Weeks!

Once you start my routine you'll begin feeling better instantly.  You'll start your day with more energy than you had in your 30's.  You'll be able to throw out half of that junk in your medicine cabinet – because you won't need it any more! 

You'll be amazed at how simple and effective my system really is

And when you experience it for yourself, you'll become addicted to it – just like I am. And that's why it works!

Within two weeks of starting my program you'll see muscles you haven't seen in twenty years (in my case it was more like thirty)… have more animal vigor than your partner can handle… and turn heads of women more than half your age!

And it's so easy too – every movement has a beginners and advanced movements so EVERYONE can do them – so EVERYONE can get results:

Cliff Hangers: Low impact and simple to do – so easy even your grandmother can do them. Yet they work almost every single muscle in your body…core…legs…arms…and shoulders. If I could walk into my local retirement community and show them just one exercise that would change their lives – this would be the one!

The Hip Up and Cross: Works your core, gluts, thighs and calves. And it's a great movement for loosing up your hips and back while at the same time promoting good posture.

Pyramid Push Away:  One of the first movements I modified for my personal program during my recovery. They're incredibly low impact and you can even do them in bed (I used to). But don't let their simplicity fool you – this unique movement is a total upper body workout. Your shoulders…back…chest and triceps all get ripped in just minutes.

Plyometric Rope Hop: Perfect for molding your body into caveman like shape. In my opinion this is the best exercise for raw power and explosiveness anywhere. Perfect for beginners and rippling cave men alike. All at once they work your hips…thighs and calves transforming weak rickety legs into the strong, flexible legs of wild predator ready to pounce.

Results That Exceed Your Wildest Expectations…Guaranteed

How can I be so sure? Before I decided to go out and sell my program I wanted to conduct an experiment. I needed to make sure my program would work for any and everyone.

Regardless of your age or current physical condition – even if you haven't done a single exercise in years.  So I got to work…

I pulled together 3 people that I knew were in need of help from my patrol area. All of them in really bad shape – one couldn't even move one of his arms because of severe shoulder pain.

None of them had done a single exercise in years. All of them had just about given up.
The plan was simple; all they had to do was spend 15 minutes a day 4 times a week working my 6 'special movements". And after 4 weeks we'd check their progress. And man was I happy with the results!

Ralph Can Use His Arm Again!

All of them were in terrible shape but he was probably the worst off of the three. One of his shoulders was in such severe pain he couldn't even lift it over his head!

But to Ralph's surprise just 4 weeks after starting our experiment he had the full use of his arm again! And it was so easy – like so many people out there in today's day and age. His body didn't know how to deal with its own weight anymore.

And after a while – parts of his body had to start shutting down. Sort of a natural self preservation mode.

But today you'll find Ralph back on the tennis courts – right where he belongs!

It Was So Easy!

As for the other 2 – their only problem was YEARS of inactivity. So it took all of about 2 ½ weeks before I could see their bodies starting to re-shape themselves.

By the end of the 4 week challenge they were new animals — faster, stronger and more flexible. When Violeta (our female test subject) walked in the room for her final weigh in I already knew we had a success on our hands!

I could see the change — not just in her physique but in the way she walked in the room. Her demeanor was smooth and sultry and she walked with the grace of a run way model. Every movement she made was almost cat like.

Mission Accomplished!

The results folks are getting from my program is like nothing they ever imagined! But I'll bet I can read your mind right now…

You're thinking it's all a bunch of hype – you're too old to get back in to tip top shape. You're past your prime and there's no chance you'll ever be able to play with the young bucks.

I know because EVERYONE I've worked with so far has said the same exact things – but they're singing a completely different tune today! And so will you

Just 4 Weeks to a Brand New You!

I guarantee it -I'm so confident that my system will deliver you everything I've promised and so much more – I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is.

If you're not 110% satisfied after trying my system I don't want you to pay me one red cent.

So look in the mirror…take your measurements and hop on the scale. If by the end of the 4th week your stomach isn't flat as a board…if your chest arms and shoulders aren't begging to be shown off at the beach…

If you haven't lost AT LEAST 15 lbs of fat and re-shaped your body in ways you didn't think possible without surgery – than simply return the program for a full refund of the purchase price.

You Can't lose!

So I urge you to take the first and most important step toward looking and feeling better today. You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Burn toxins and illnesses right out of your body … restore lost energy that has been robbed from you… regain your strength… and to get back your mental, physical and vigorous energy that you've sorely missed.

My entire Forgotten Fitness program on DVD costs just $39.95 – and on it I'll reveal the only 6 exercises you'll ever need to know! Just follow the link at the bottom of the page and order my amazing new program Forgotten Fitness – Mastering your Mind and Body Weight today.

Almost overnight you'll be transformed into leaner…more energetic…happier version of your former self. And all it takes is a few weeks.

So get started today. And just imagine where you'll be 4 weeks from now. And all the things you'll be able to do with the newer more energetic you!

The hardest part is asking for help – so just fill out that order form and I'll see you in a few weeks!

Good Luck!
Doc Darville
PS. The research has already been done. I know exactly the kind of results you're going to get – and you're going to be blown away! If not I'll send you a full refund of your purchase price.

Simply put, if it takes you longer than 4 weeks to get in shape. Or if you, your friends, family members and loved ones aren't absolutely blown away by the new you — simply return the program for a 100% refund of your purchase price.

PSS. If you're one of the first 200 people to order I'm going to send you the uncut version of Forgotten Fitness. It contains the 6 core exercises and a bunch of extra movements and a few special stretching techniques that I learned from my years of Jiu-Jitsu. This uncut DVD is like else on the market today!