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Does Someone Have Your Back

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Somebody Needs to “Have Your Back”

A newly released study reinforces an important health message.

If you can’t examine your own back, have someone you trust do it for you.  And if you see something irregular then go see a doctor.

According to Dr. June K. Robinson, "the numbers are startling. If Melanoma is diagnosed at an early stage, the chance of survival is 90 percent. At a later stage, it is 20 percent."

There will be more than 62,000 cases of melanoma diagnosed in the United States this year, the U.S. National Cancer Institute estimates, and 8,420 Americans will die of the cancer. Half of those deaths will be in white men over the age of 50.

According to experts the back is the place that should be examined by a doctor and by the person himself. Dermatologists are trying to publicize that message because the places where melanoma occur more readily are hard for the man to see.  For instance, the back, the top of a bald head, and behind the ears are frequently high risk areas. With women, melanoma is more likely to occur on the lower leg.

When the inspection is made, you should be asking the partner to check for moles with border irregularity, color variation over the surface and with greater than six millimeter diameter.

The study highlighted what dermatologists expected.  Middle-aged and older men tend to be a little dismissive regarding the need for skin inspections.  It is important to be more aware the danger associated with undiagnosed and untreated melanoma.

This is a condition that can usually be cured when caught early.  So, why risk not getting checked out once a year?

Have a healthy day,

Larry Berman

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