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Good News for Your Prostate...
One More Reason to Love Watermelon...

August 2, 2006
I am dying with the help of too many physicians
 ~Alexander the Great

And it’s even better news if you already like to drink green tea. That’s because researchers recently confirmed that drinking a couple cups of green tea every day can enhance your prostates ability to ward off cancer.

In the study, Italian researchers studied 62 men with pre-existing prostate conditions. Conditions that typically result in cancer forming in about 30% of the cases.

Half the men in the group were given a placebo while the other half was given a green tea extract. And the results were very one sided…

Of the 30 men in the placebo group 9 ended up developing cancer -- right in line with the average. But – of the men in the test group who consumed green tea extract -- only 1 out of 32 developed cancer.

That’s news we really need to be paying attention to because prostate problems are almost as certain as death and taxes if we live long enough. So anything that gives us leg up on this potentially lethal condition needs to be given serious attention.

But if you’re still in you’re 30’s or early 40’s and haven’t yet felt the pinch of a problematic prostate, don’t wait – it’s never too early to start bolstering your defenses.

You can buy either the green tea extract or the tea itself at most any health food store or whole foods market. And it’s not expensive at all -- so give it a shot.

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One More Reason to Love Watermelon
--Doc Darville

Great news if you love watermelon as much as I do…

Turns out watermelon has the highest Lycopene content of ANY other fruits or vegetables. And if you’re up around my age you need as much as you can get.

Not only is Lycopene the most powerful anti-oxidant among all carotenoids (anti-oxidants help fight free radical damage.) But it’s also been shown to inhibit cancer cells from growing by interfering with their growth receptors – specifically in prostate cancer cells.

That’s good news for us because a whopping 50%-60% of men age 40-60 suffer from some type of prostate concern. And that figure jumps to over 90% once you reach 80!

Not to mention, Prostate Cancer is the most common cancer among American men – second only to skin cancer.

So dig in -- according to a cup of diced fresh watermelon only has about 46 calories. And it’s an excellent source of vitamin A, C, potassium and fiber.

And you can find them all year long – but now through September is peak season. Just in time for summer.

Personally I can’t get enough! A little trick I like to use is to refrigerate mine for a couple hours before I’m ready to cut it open. Then I throw a few of the chilled slices into my juicer…and viola!

It’s the perfect refreshment for those hot days of summer – and you know a little splash of rum never hurt anybody either! So enjoy!

Stay Healthy!
Doc Darville

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