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Sugary Drinks May Raise Blood Pressure

It can be hard to resist drinking those sugary beverages.

Everywhere you go restaurants, movie theaters and fast food places offer giant sized cups of soda and sugary fruit drinks.

Unfortunately, in addition to the excessive calories they may increase other health risks.

In a recent study of nearly 2700 men and women, researchers found that drinking sugar-sweetened sodas and fruit drinks appear to be associated with a greater risk for high blood pressure.

The team observed that those who drank more than one sugar-sweetened beverage a day had the highest sugar consumption (whether glucose, fructose or sucrose) and the highest calorie consumption, at an average of about 400 extra calories a day.

The blood pressure of those drinking excessive sugar drinks had a significant rise both systolic and diastolic readings (+1.6 and +0.8, respectively).

The American Heart Association guidelines suggest that a person drink no more than three 12-ounce servings of sugar drinks per week for individuals who routinely consume about 2,000 calories a day.

With this new research adding to already established health risks from excessive sugar and calories, you might want to consider choosing other options such as water or unsweetened tea.

Have a healthy day,

Larry Berman


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