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Study Shows Shorter High Intensity Is Better

A study published in the American Journal of Human Biology reveals that high intensity exercise is more beneficial than traditional “long” endurance training.

The researchers had two groups who performed three weekly exercise sessions over 7 weeks. The high intensity (HIT) group’s training consisted of a series of 20 meter sprints over 30 seconds. In contrast the moderate (MOD) group ran steadily for a period of 20 minutes.

The results revealed that both groups demonstrated improved cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk factors. However, the total exercise time over seven weeks was six times higher for the MOD group compared to the HIT group. 

So the HIT group achieved a similar amount of health benefits but in only 15% of the total exercise time. These findings demonstrate that brief, intense exercise is a time efficient means for improving CVD risk factors. 

Researchers agree that cardiovascular exercise is an important part of a fitness plan.  With this study adding to the body of evidence of the superiority of shorter “interval” type conditioning programs, you might want to include this kind of short burst workouts to your fitness program. 

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Larry Berman


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