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You Can Lower Your Heart Attack Risk By 22%


A new study released by the European Heart Journal indicates that eating more fruits and vegetables may reduce your risk of dying from heart disease.


The study was conducted in Europe and had a large sample of over 300,000 subjects.


According to the study results, people who ate at least eight portions of fruit and vegetables a day were 22 percent less likely to die of heart disease than those who ate fewer than three portions a day. A portion was considered to be 80 grams, which would equal a small banana, a medium apple or a small carrot.


The study also found that for each portion of fruits and vegetables eaten over 3 a day and up to eight portions, a risk reduction of 4 percent was received.  So, for example if you ate 6 portions a day your risk reduction would be 12%.  So even if you don’t eat the full 8 portions, each one you do eat lowers your risk.


With this new study adding to the already known benefits of eating fruits and vegetables, you may want to consider a diet that has 8 portions a day.


Have a healthy day,


Larry Berman


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