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Fitness Instructor Chris Espositio and Student Vivianna Smerilla

Dear Fellow Health Enthusiast,

Have you ever watched with admiration someone on television or movies with ripped stomach muscles?

Can you imagine how nice it would be to not care if your shirt inches up and reveals your stomach?

In fact, I want you to imagine how much fun it will be for you to be the first one to rip off your shirt at the pool or beach.

I want you to imagine this because this can be real for you. 

If you have someone special in your life, their eyes will gleam with pleasure when they look at you when you’re shirtless.

Most people think they can’t have ripped abdominal muscles.

They think that six pack abs are only for professional athletes or fanatical work out buffs that spend hours a day exercising.

Well, here’s some good news.

Anyone who thinks that is dead wrong!

And it doesn’t matter if you’re not a kid anymore.

I’m in my forties and I’ve got students that are older than me that have abs anyone would kill for.

Let Me Debunk the Myths!

Before I get into all the totally incorrect information that’s out there, let me at least introduce myself.

My name is Chris Esposito and I’m the owner of Round 2 Kickboxing which is a martial arts academy in Florida.

I’ve been training to be in shape for the last 24 years and I’ve seen all of the most hyped ab work out programs.

But they all have a big problem.

They’re working against the physics of your body!

Most Exercise Programs are Telling You the
Wrong Way to Build Your Stomach Muscles!

When you do huge sets of the same exercise all you’re doing is overburdening the same small portions of the stomach muscle over and over.  Thus, you’re missing the bulk of the muscle and the muscle you are working is being overworked without any opportunity for recovery and muscle growth.

Having your muscles feel pumped just means that the muscles have become engorged with blood.  It means that you’ve challenged your muscles in a way that they require more blood to function and recover. So, blood rushes to the muscle and this gives you a pumped feeling.

When all that blood rushes to the muscles it might make them look larger, but don't be fooled into thinking it’s permanent growth. The fact is that the added size goes away just as soon as the blood has a chance to balance itself throughout your body.

The fact is that the various machines out there don’t offer you any benefit that you can’t get with simple body weight exercises.  And even worse, many of these devices can interfere with your body's natural biomechanics and cause you serious injury.

The truth is most of these machines don't even target the abs.  Yes, the abdominal muscles contribute… but the ab muscles in many of these exercises are responsible for as little 10% or less of the movement.

The hip flexors are the primary movers in most these exercises. And this can cause a lot of strain on the lower back.

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That’s why it’s crucial to do the
right kind of exercises.

In order to make sure you’re going to get the six pack abs you seek, you should understand the basics of what creates those ripped stomach muscles.

Let me give you a simple breakdown….

Muscles have three primary components:

  1. The muscle fibers (they do the actual work)
  2. The vascular system or blood vessels that feed the muscles and remove waste products.
  3. The nervous system or network of nerves that stimulate the muscles to contract.

What happens is that the brain sends a signal to the nerves and this signal is carried to the muscles which causes them to contract. This contraction uses up fuel and causes waste products to build up.

Finally, your blood vessels send fuel to the muscle fibers and remove the waste.  For your body to cope with these demands here’s what happens.

  1. Your muscular vascular system enlarges so it can transport more blood and lymph fluid.
  2. Your nerves become more powerful so they can carry the increased load of signals.
  3. The muscle fibers get larger so they can cope with the added muscle tension.

Full Muscle Fiber Contractions
Delivers The Six Pack Abs!

Your abdominals have thousands and thousands of muscle fibers.  What happens is that with many of these other kinds of exercises, only a portion of the fibers contract.

So unless you make all of the muscle fibers contract you only get a partial benefit.

That means the key to six pack abs is to cause complete muscle fiber stress so all of those muscle fibers contract and stimulate muscle growth.

Three Different Sets of Stomach Muscles Exist

In order to successfully develop six pack abs you must target all of these different muscle groups.

Developing well defined abdominal muscles is a combination of doing the right combination of exercises for the correct amount of time and with the proper form.

Without doing this, you could easily be working out a like a dog, killing yourself with huge painful sets of exercise that might not be building your six pack at all.

Or even worse, it’s possible you could be causing muscle degradation if you’re using the wrong technique or overusing the muscle.

Welcome to the Abcubator System!

My challenge as a professional fitness trainer was to design an abdominal work out system that met all of these challenges, but didn’t take so long to do that it would discourage people.

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If you’re like me you’re probably very busy.  Nobody has the time to spend half an hour or more on doing stomach exercise. 

But, the good news is that you don’t need that long to get six pack abs!

In fact, with the Abcubator System all you’re going to need is 5 minutes three or four days a week!

Precision Like Smart Bomb Technology

Just like how the military makes it’s attacks with such accuracy that they can shoot a missile from great distances that will hit a specific building, the Abcubator System pinpoints the precise the areas that are needed to get those bulging stomach muscles.

The Abcubator System does this by employing a series of five different exercises that are not the same old sit ups that won’t ever flatten out your stomach.

These exercises have been tweaked and perfected by me for my students so they can get the maximum muscle growth in the quickest amount of time possible.

Each of these exercises fires up different parts of the three different abdominal muscles in just the right amount, so that the muscles respond by growing larger and more powerful.

A Beginners and Advanced Program

Like I said, I’m a professional fitness trainer.

So, I know that just like in my classes everyone isn’t at the same level.  Beginners aren’t yet in condition to tolerate the muscle stress of an advanced program.

And likewise, advanced students need more challenge than a beginner program can provide.

That’s why the Abcubator System has both a Beginner Level and Advanced Program.  So, you’ll be able to use the one that’s right for you.

It will be like you’ll have me in your home, coaching you through the workout.  My student Vivianna assists me during the instruction so while she demonstrates the positions, I can explain the finer points.

First, we break down and instruct you on how to do each exercise.  Then, we come back and do a full workout with you, so it’s like you’re right there with us.

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$100 an Hour for Private Coaching

In my market here in south Florida, that’s what I get paid for giving one-on-one coaching. 

And, that’s what I’d have to charge you if I worked with you personally.   But, that’s the great thing about a DVD program like the Abcubator System.

It’s like you’re getting a private coaching session every time, but the cost is much more reasonable.  I’ll get to the exact price in one moment, but first I want to let you know about something else.

A Free Bonus Cardioblast Program

I was thinking about how once your six pack starts emerging with the Abcubator System, you’re going to want to make sure that those muscles are as visible as possible.

So, you’ll probably also want to make sure that you reduce your body fat levels.  I’m so determined to make sure that you get the body you’ve always dreamed of…a flat, hard, ripped stomach…that I decided to throw in a free  bonus.

I’ve also included my special 5 Minute Cardioblast Program that will help those 6 pack abs show just that much more.

So, now you’re going to get the Abcubator System that has my customized secret work out program that will have you so proud of your physique you’ll be eagerly awaiting any opportunity to rip off the shirt and show off the six pack.

And, you’re also going to get my 5 Minute Cardioblast Program that will help fry off any little bit of body fat.

Only $29!

I know this is an insanely low price, but when I agreed to do this video it was on the condition that the program would be priced so anyone can afford it.

But, I did agree that after it’s initial release the price could be raised, so I wouldn’t wait another moment because the price could shoot way up soon.

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There simply is no other program out there like this.  All those gadgets you see on TV….a waste of money!

I’ve explained the science to you.

You’ve seen my picture and my student’s amazing abs.

You know my system works because I’m living proof!

Plus, You’ll Have No Risk!

After everything I’ve explained to you I can’t see how anyone who’d like to have six pack abs would hesitate another second.

So, I tried to think of any reason why someone would hesitate.

The only thing I could think of was that someone could be afraid that despite all of the proof I’ve offered that they could still think that  the Abcubator System might not work like I claimed.

Since I know it will, here’s what I came up with.

You can have a full money back guarantee!

That’s right.  You’ve heard correctly. No questions asked.  No approval codes or anything else needed.

If you try out the Abcubator System for a full thirty days and it isn’t everything I claimed it to be, then you can go ahead and mail it back to the address on the cover and you’ll get a full refund.

But, that is not what’s going to happen.

What’s going to happen is that your life is going to change.  Let me tell you it’s a great feeling to have abs you can be proud of.

And, when you feel good like that, everything around you just seems to get better.

All I ask is that when you get your six pack that you consider taking a photo and sending it to me, because I love to know how I’ve helped people.

Your friend in fitness,

Chris Esposito
Certified Fitness Instructor

Yes________Chris, I want to feel proud when I’m at the beach, the pool or anywhere else where I might have my shirt off.  Please rush me your Acubator System right away so I can have my own six pack abs in only five minutes a day.  I understand that I’ll have a full 30 days to try out the program risk free.

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