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How a 216-Pound Couch Potato
Shed 48 Pounds of Belly Fat,
Got His Cholesterol Levels to Healthy Levels and Boosted His Sex Life …
Without Giving Up His Couch

The Amazing Story of Tom Colucci who refused to spend an hour jogging every day and dieting like his doctor suggested but still got thin and super healthy eating ice cream and watching TV

Dear Health Conscious Reader,

Tom Colucci After Losing About 48 Pounds
With His "Couch Potato" System

I spend a good portion of my days on my plush sofa watching TV.

The reason? I enjoy it. I don’t like to exercise for hours and starve myself eating raw vegetables and other food that in my mind is meant for rabbits.

Yet, the irony is that I’m in great shape. Take a look at the picture above. Does this look like the image of a typical 52-year-old couch potato?

A few years ago I discovered a secret that I’m going to share with you in this letter. And I’m going to give you a chance to have my kind of physique and my kind of health without brutal exercise and impossible-to-keep diets.

I was a skinny youngster but when I turned forty I started getting fatter. Before I recognized what was going on I was so fat I couldn’t see my shoes without a mirror.

So I bought workouts that seemed miraculous from TV infomercials and even paid a personal trainer to keep me fit. None of that worked.

Then I discovered the secret I’m going to share with you. It turned out that everything I had been doing was completely wrong. And all of the time and money I spent on those courses and diets was completely wasted.

But that’s the past. Today, I’m one of those guys I used to envy. I have a firm chest, well-defined arms, a washboard stomach and powerful legs.

And the miracle is that I made the change without doing any kind of tortuous workout, buying expensive equipment or going on starvation diets.

How I Got Ripped with My
“Couch Potato System”

My name is Tom Colucci.

I refer to my secret system as the “Couch Potato” program because it allows you to get lean and muscular without giving up your time on the couch.

I’ll tell you how it works in a moment, but right now I want you to take a moment an imagine – really try to imagine – how great you’d feel if you could:

How did that feel? Good, right?

That’s how I feel now. All the time. More importantly, I am healthy. My doctor says I have the heart and lungs of a person half my age. All my blood counts are at the top of the charts.

Now it’s your turn …

An Unexpected Discovery

As I said I spent years trying conventional methods to get in shape but none of them worked for me because sooner or later I’d give up on them. I just enjoyed my sedentary lifestyle too much.

I was almost ready to give up and accept the fact that I’d live the rest of my life as a fat, fatigued and sick person. But then I discovered the secret that I call the couch potato program.

There is a whole new science in physical fitness that has only recently been reported in the medical journals. In one study at the Laval University in Quebec, for example, scientists found that the subjects who exercised for shorter periods of time burned 9 times more fat than the ones who exercised for long work outs.1

Think about that. The people who exercised LESS burned MORE fat.

I also learned long exercise routines actually decrease your health and sometimes even cause weight gain!

This means those aerobics classes, the endless hours in the gym, and the miles on the treadmill actually make it HARDER to get healthy.

In fact, recent published research results from:

… and others have documented that men and women who participate in long duration cardiovascular exercises:

So, whether your goal is increasing lean muscle, gaining physical strength, melting unwanted fat, or improving your overall health, excruciatingly long exercise programs are NOT the best way to succeed.

6 Weeks to a New Me!

With this newfound knowledge I began experimenting with new, short-duration exercises. None of them were difficult. And I never exercised for more than a few minutes at a time. (Often I did my exercises during commercials.)

I had two goals: get in shape and reduce my cholesterol count so I could avoid medication.

But again, I wasn’t going to do anything that took a lot of time or was strenuous. My exercise program had to be painless and quick. But that seemed possible now. The new medical studies were showing me the way!

Well, I’m here to tell you that I developed a program that worked insanely well. I accomplished both my goals in 6 weeks. And all the time I continued to spend lots of time on the couch watching TV.

The outcome amazed everyone, including me. I lost my gut. I developed great muscularity. I have a flat stomach now with a six pack.

I did it. And if I – a confirmed couch potato – can do it you can too!

I told you I call my system The Couch Potato Program. But it has an “official” name that’s a bit more impressive. It’s called the Biomatrix System because it stimulates your biology in a scientific way.

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So How Does It Work?

Well, first let me explain what it isn’t.

You see, this exercise program doesn’t rely on jogging endless miles on a treadmill or huffing and puffing your way through an insanely repetitive aerobics class.

And It doesn’t require mindlessly lifting heavy weights or even going to a gym.

No, this program harnesses an incredible power within your own body.

This secret power has been used by warriors throughout history, including the Ancient Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, Indian Wrestlers, and Shaolin Monks.

What is so ironic is that despite these secrets being available for centuries, almost nobody in the general population uses them.

The reason why?

The Industry Giants Want to Keep You
From Knowing Their Dirty Little Secret …
That You Don’t Need Them to Be Fit and Lean

According to The Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association, the fitness industry is a big business in excess of $4.7 billion dollars annually.

Guess what?

If people start getting slim and coated in lean muscle in six weeks instead of spending 6 years and still needing private trainers, expensive gym equipment, gadgets and costly gym memberships … what do you think happens to all that cash?

That’s right. Poof! No more fat cats lining their pockets with late night infomercials.

To tell you the truth I was a little worried when I decided to share my system with a select few fellow “thin people waiting to get out.”

My family and friends actually thought I might be sued or even worse if I were to reveal these astonishingly powerful secrets.

Fortunately, nobody has put out a contract on me yet … I hope (LOL). Although there were a few mysterious late night calls from blocked numbers when the word got out that I was going to go public with my Biomatrix Program.

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BioMatrix Advantages

The advantages of the Biomatrix Program cannot be overstated.

First and most importantly, it gets results that stick. Too many fitness success stories are here one day and gone the next.

Much of this is due to the simple changes life throws at us.

Luckily, the Biomatrix Program is so quick and easy that no matter what happens in your life, you won’t lose your ability to exercise and stay in shape.

Secondly, the Biomatrix Program exercises every muscle in your body – including your all-important core.

This means that unlike machines or exercises that only work some of your body some of the time, you’ll get a complete body workout.

One that equally targets your back and abdominals, your shoulders and arms, and your butt and legs.

You will keep your physique looking strong, without looking bulky.

Slim without looking skinny.

Muscular without looking muscle bound.

Balanced in all proportions, beautiful, strong and appealing.

All without having to remember how to do dozens of different “targeted” exercises.

And because you’re using all of your body’s muscles, your core – your abdominals and your lower back – is worked in a safe, natural, and balanced way.

What does a “safe, natural, and balanced” core workout mean?

It means the Biomatrix Program will make far better use of your core than any “ab routine.”

That will result in a stronger and more flexible back – great for carrying groceries or young children.

And you’ll have a washboard stomach without having to do hours of sit-ups.

Finally, the strength and energy you’ll develop by using the Biomatrix Program are what’s called “functional” strength and energy.

This means you’ll build functional strength, balance, flexibility, and natural muscle development that allows you to maintain your stamina throughout an entire day’s – and night’s – activities.

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Realize Your Fitness Dreams –
Without Leaving Your Living Room

I can tell you from personal experience the Biomatrix Program will change your life.

And unless you’ve experienced it yourself, you cannot comprehend how upright you walk when your body has a functionally strong core, is covered with lean, solid muscle, and contains enough energy to outlast a full day and night of activities.

That’s why I put the Biomatrix Program into an easy-to-learn, easy-to-implement format.

I want as many people as possible to experience the joy, the satisfaction, and the confidence I feel when I wake up every single day.

To make it easy, the entire system is conveniently contained on DVD and can be played on your TV or even your computer.

This allows you to exercise in the comfort of your living room, your office during your lunch break, or even your hotel room while traveling.

But it’s not just one DVD.

No, I’ve provided two DVDs each containing its own complete workout.

One workout DVD for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and one workout DVD for Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

This means the Biomatrix Program gives you two complete workouts that can be completed in less than 3 total hours each week.

So in less time than you’d spend watching the evening news, you’ll have a total body workout that will strengthen and solidify your body while improving your cardiovascular health and melting off unwanted fat.

How much is such a comprehensive fitness system worth?

Well, what is the value of fearlessly taking off your shirt at the pool or beach, of easily walking from the furthest parking space in the lot, of proudly knowing your someone special can’t keep their eyes off of you?

To me – priceless. But in the interest of fairness, let’s try to nail it down.

First, we can talk about the cost of a gym membership. At an average of $30-$60 every month5, that would be about $500 EVERY YEAR!

If you include a personal trainer to help teach you these exercises, you can add another $50-$100 an hour.6 Given the normal rate of one personal training session each week, this could easily add another $3000 to the annual cost.

And it’s hard to even estimate the value of the thousands of hours I spent learning the physiology, nutrition, and exercise structure necessary to assemble this program.

So without even adding in the cost of my time, you’d be looking at a minimum of $3500 per year to get the value contained in the Biomatrix Program.

As I mentioned, my sincere goal is to have you feel the same joy, energy, and confidence I feel throughout my entire day.

So, I’m not going to charge $3500 for the Biomatrix Program.

I do have to cover the costs of producing and manufacturing the program, though.

And in a minute, I’ll give you the full details.

But first, let me offer you something extra that will help you achieve your health and fitness goals even faster.

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Supercharge Your Exercise Program

If you think what I discovered about exercise was surprising, what I learned about diet will blow your mind.

Quite simply, you don’t have to starve yourself to get in shape or lose weight.

Which is good because I enjoy food! I’m just not motivated to eat like a boney church mouse or chew on Styrofoam food just so I can “be healthy.”

And now I don’t have to. In fact, I eat so often, I never feel hungry.

My meals include a delicious balance of lean meats, high value carbohydrates, and whole grains.

Even better – I get to snack between meals! And you can, too.

By eating this way, you’ll keep your body’s “fuel tank” full thereby preventing it from increasing cortisol production and kicking into fat accumulation mode.

Since cortisol causes the body to store fat as well as destroy muscle7, this not only helps prevent fat build up around your midsection and on your legs, arms, and back, it also helps keep your muscles strong and lean.

Because I genuinely want you to succeed and feel the happiness and vitality I’ve discovered, I’m going to include a complete, nutritionally-designed meal plan with the Biomatrix Program.

A dietician would charge you a minimum of an hour of time to develop such a complete meal plan. At an average $100 per hour, that means this plan is worth at least $100.

That’s an over $100 value. And I’m going to include it – ABSOLUTELY FREE!

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Try It With ZERO Risk

I know this program will change your life.

In fact, I’m so certain the Biomatrix Program will work for you I’ve made an agreement with the distributor where we take 100% of the risk.

You have absolutely nothing to lose – except for flabbiness, weakness, and lethargy – and everything to gain including strength, health, and self-confidence.

Just try the Biomatrix Program, including the meal plan, in the comfort of your home for an entire month.

If you are not completely satisfied with the improvements to your health, simply return the DVDs for a full, no-questions-asked refund.

The meal plan is yours to keep with my thanks just for trying the Biomatrix Program.

I promise you won’t get the run around; you’ll simply get your refund.

How can I make such a guarantee?

It’s really very easy. You see, I’m confident you won’t ask to use it.

After you prove to yourself how easy it is to get into great shape, and see the new you staring back from the mirror, you’ll fight to KEEP the Biomatrix Program.

As you can see, the value of the Biomatrix Program could easily cost thousands of dollars.

At the absolute bare minimum, the two included workouts and the nutrition plan are worth two personal training sessions and over an hour with a dietician.

That’s a value of over $175 – and that doesn’t include the cost of producing the videos.

The distributor originally charged a very reasonable $79 for the complete package. That represented a savings of over 50% off the “bare minimum” value.

But I wanted to get the Biomatrix Program into the hands of everybody that wanted it. So I finagled a short-term, promotional deal with the distributor.

If you order the Biomatrix Program during this promotion, you’ll be able to get two complete workouts on two DVDs and the daily, nutritionally-sound meal plan for the limited-time price of:

Promo Special – $49

Heck, I’ll even throw in an interview where I explain how the workouts and the nutrition plan combine to make your success all but guaranteed!

There’s just one thing I ask in return.

When you achieve the success I know you will, I want to hear about it.

So when you look in the mirror and see a couch potato body transformed into one chiseled with muscle and exuding vitality, drop me a line.

Feel free to include a before and after picture if you’d like.

But whatever you do, take advantage of this special today.

Because I have no control over the distributor, I can’t guarantee how long this promotional offer will be available.


Tom Colucci

P.S. – This special price does not include the cost of a new wardrobe that results from gaining a washboard stomach framed by a taut, lean body that exudes sex appeal!

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_____Yes, Tom, I want to change my body in as little as six weeks with The Biomatrix Total Fitness System. I want to get fit so I feel good about myself without agonizing workouts and starvation diets.  I understand that I’ll have a full 30 day risk free trial.

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