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Why a Cat Can Make You Lean,
Strong and Fit Without Ever
Stepping in a Gym

Dear Health Conscious Reader,

I’ve discovered an amazing secret that has given me a great new body. It is not a diet. It does not involve taking drugs or pills of any kind. And best of all – it is super easy to do!

It is based on a discovery about cats. Yes, cats. Lions and tigers but also sweet little house cats when they are allowed to live natural lives.

Imagine for a moment what cats look like in the wild. Strong yet agile. Powerful yet lean. Quick yet elegant.

Cats are beautiful but they are also amazingly athletic. And here’s something you might not know unless you were a zoologist. In their natural state cats spend 95+% of their time relaxing.

Have you ever wondered, “How do these animals maintain their evident strength and agility when they spend so much time lying around?”

Here’s another important fact about cats: they almost never get injured. Horses get injured. Dogs get injured. But cats almost never do.

What is their secret?

These were the questions that a friend of mine who works at a natural health publishing company has been researching for several years. And when he discovered the answer he shared it with me. Since then we have been working together to incorporate his findings into an entirely new way to tone up and slim down the human body.

I am 100% sure you are feeling skeptical right now. I felt the same way when my friend first told me about his research.

After all, even if cat’s do have a special, lazy” way of staying in shape, what has that got to do with humans?

I’m going to answer that question and lots more that you may have in a minute. For the moment I want to explain what motivated me to be my friend’s first test experiment and how happy I am with the results!

Take a look for yourself. This is a current picture of me. I’m lean and fit without being burdened with excessive bulky and unnatural muscle.

Please allow me to formally introduce myself.

My name is Elina Sol

I’m a stage performer. And as a stage performer I can’t make a living if I’m not in good shape.

Being fit wasn’t a problem for me when I was younger. But gradually I found that my body wasn’t living up to my expectations. I was gaining weight even though I was jogging and doing my best to eat well. I was losing muscle mass too, even though I lifted weights.

And to make matters worse, I was injuring myself when I exercised too hard. And when that happened I had to cancel performances!

It was a Catch 22. Exercise lightly and gain weight and lose bookings. Exercise hard and injure myself and cancel shows.

I was desperate. And that’s why I was willing to try anything that could give me the body I needed without the hard exercise that was causing injuries.

Use the Genius of Mother Nature Instead

Let’s get back to cats.

Cats these marvelous bodies … not just beautiful but capable of doing amazing things … even when they are mature.

They continue to have quick reflexes, super flexibility, and incredible strength when they need it. A lion is actually capable of taking down giant prey that can be more than double their size such as an African buffalo which can weigh as much as one thousand pounds or more when a lion averages about 400- 600 pounds.

And your average household cat can do some pretty amazing things too. For instance, cats can frequently jump vertically about 5 times their own height.

This is incredible power! In other words, if a person had the strength to jump proportionally as high it would mean that an average man would be able to leap up into the air a whopping 30 feet.

Cats clearly have an exceptional ability to stay in beautiful shape and maintain shocking physical power with what appears to be virtually no physical effort.

The Ancient Chinese Have Been
Doing it for Centuries

My friend did a great deal of research on cats. And he discovered that his observation about them had been made by Chinese monks thousands of years ago.

In the cloistered temples of ancient China, generations of monks developed (over hundreds of years) their famous martial art called Kung Fu.

Besides studying the human body in detail these ancient scholars studies the movements of many animals that had great natural agility and strength. They studied cranes and mongoose and monkeys and bears. And they studied big cats too.

They studied their movements in action – when they were chasing down prey or defending themselves from attack. And they studied their movements when they were relaxed.

And from these observations they created martial art techniques that were incorporated into Kung Fu.

Many of these techniques were known to perhaps the greatest Kung Fu practitioner of all time. I’m speaking of Bruce Lee.

If you have ever seen movies or documentaries featuring Bruce Lee then you know he had amazing physical skills. But you probably also noticed that he had an incredible physique.

He wasn’t bulky. Just bristling with lean ripped muscles. Anyone that took a look at this guy without his shirt on knew that he was the epitome of a perfect physique.

“Bruce Lee knew many of the animal techniques,” my friend told me. “But if you see his movements it is very clear that the animal he most emulated was the cat.”

Rent a Bruce Lee video and watch the way he fought. Notice the movement of his arms and legs. Notice the way he stayed frozen for periods of time and then moved slowly, very slowly and only at the last moment struck out!

If you can get hold of old clips of Lee practicing you will notice too that many of his movements were slow and resembled the movement of cats.

“It made sense to me on so many levels,” my friend told me. “First, there was the cat movements observed and incorporated into Kung Fu by the ancient monks. Then there was Bruce Lee. And finally there was my intuition. It just made perfect sense to me. Cats have a unique way of exercising that doesn’t look like exercise at all. It is slow. It is easy. It looks more like stretching or playing than it does like exercise. But that’s the secret! These movements are extremely efficient in terms of building and elongating muscle, stretching tendons and making joints flexible. And because the movements are slow and easy there is little to no risk of injury!”

When he said these words to me my heart was already pounding. Somewhere deep inside my brain I already knew he was right! I had observed enough cats in my day to understand that they “exercise” differently. I felt optimistic that this was the secret I was looking for – a way to get back my youthful body without hard work or risk.

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Why Modeling After Cats Works for People

Before we started to develop an exercise program that mimicked what cats do, my friend insisted that we do understand a little more about cat physiology.

We quickly uncovered some intriguing facts out these feline creatures.

This agile creature has a skeletal system made up of 244 bones, with about 27 bones located in its tail, which helps with balance and movement.

According to

A cat expends energy through movements that mimic hunting and play in the wild. A cat naturally will chase and run as well as scratch. She will also mimic the motion of skinning an animal where she holds onto something and rapidly rubs her paws against it in a direction away from her own face. 

While the above facts were certainly interesting, the next bit of information really got my heart pounding.

It turns out that – contrary to what I had believed – the muscular system of the cat has a lot in common with humans.

Cats have skeletal muscles such as the triceps, biceps, gluteus muscles, deltoids and trapeziums that are biologically similar to a human.

The fact that cats have muscles that are similar to a person’s meant that it was likely that the same kind of activities that gave cats a tremendous physique could also work for humans.

Understanding Why Cats Do What They Do

If you’ve ever seen a cat amusing itself you might wonder why it’s doing what it does.

Scientists explain that when a cat is playing, it is answering its biological instincts to prepare itself to be physically ready to do whatever tasks it must do in the wild.

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Naturally, a house cat doesn’t have to go out and hunt for food. Nor will it need to hold down captured prey to eat it.

But, the cat’s DNA doesn’t know that it has a loving owner that is going to feed it a tasty bowl of cat food every day.

So it tells the cat that it must mimic the activities that it believes it will need to do to survive on its own in the wild.

According to

Cats sleep an average of fifteen hours a day, and some sleep up to twenty hours in a twenty-four hour period!

And, this isn’t just your average housecat.

When you average the sleep habits of all of them … lions, tigers, cheetahs, leopards, etc. they sleep a good sixteen hours a day.

Yet all of them are profoundly strong!

A leopard can carry prey twice its size up a tree.

A snow leopard can travel seven times its own body length on one leap.

A cheetah can sprint up to 70 miles per hour in a matter of seconds.

Yet, they all sleep most of the time. So, how do they maintain their incredible prowess? It seems that the obvious conclusion is that they do it by taking a little time in their leisurely days to build their strength, balance and endurance doing these activities that their genes tell them to do.

Since it’s not exactly that easy to do some firsthand observation of the big cats in the wild, I decided to focus my observations on the common housecat since my readings suggested that they all have very similar behaviors.

My friend and I logged in some hours and broke down the cat activities into different groups. We tried out mimicking some of these movements and took note of which muscle groups were used.

Our excitement continued to build because we found that in just a few short minutes of doing exercises that mimicked cats, I was able to get results that were quite frankly stunning.

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All You Need is 7 Simple Techniques

What might have been the best news to me (since I’m naturally lazy and don’t like painful straining) was that we found that all I needed to do in order to get a complete and highly effective workout was to do just seven different cat movements.

In all honesty, I wasn’t in horrible shape to start with. I really just needed some toning up and trimming down a bit.

As great as the results were with me, the obvious question became would this system work on other people who might be out of shape or older?

So, my friend got a sample group and had them try it out. The main thing they had in common was that they weren’t “spring chickens” and they needed some exercise … some of them very badly.

The results couldn’t have been more amazing!

I’d like to introduce you to Tim.

Listen to what he had to say about my program:

“I was really surprised. When I tried doing some of the exercises based on cats, I could feel my muscles stretching and growing almost immediately. Plus, it was actually fun to do and didn’t strain my old joints.”

Play to hear more from Tim on Cat-Isthenics.

(Editorial Note: Tim has not been compensated in any way for his testimonial)

It Doesn’t Matter if You’re
Currently Out of Shape

I also don’t want you to worry if you’re maybe not in the best shape right now or have some limitations. If you can walk around, sit up, climb out of a bed, then you’re going to be able to do these movements. In fact, some of these moves can actually be done right in your bed!

The icing on the cake (don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t have your cake and eat it too!) is that it only takes me like fifteen minutes or so do all seven techniques.

I couldn’t have been happier. No more schlepping to the gym or doing unpleasant exercises.

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To be honest, I actually find doing this program fun. And, I think you will too.

Introducing CAT-Isthenics!

Let me tell you about these fun and easy movements you’ll be doing that can get you into the best shape of your life in only 15-20 minutes per workout.

The first activity that I observed that all cats do is a clawing action.

So, I named it quite simply “The Claw.”

This technique is fun and pleasant to do. But don’t let that fool you. It builds strength in several different muscle groups including your triceps (the muscle you want to build to avoid droopy arms), shoulders, and lats.

I’m sure you can see by the picture that it’s something that anyone can do. But, you’re going to be really surprised at how much stronger it will make you. I know the gentleman, Tim I introduced you to above loved it!

In an effort to keep down the size of this letter I’m not going to spell them all out to you, but let me show you a couple of more to help you really get what this program can do for you.

Another very common movement that we incorporated that comes straight from cats I call “The Cat Arch”

This unique set of movements that mimics how cats stretch and exercise is also fun and easy to do. The great thing about it is that if you don’t feel comfortable doing it on the floor you can actually do it in your own bed. I’ll tell you a secret … that’s where I usually do it.

This set of movements builds strength in a multitude of different muscles groups. For instance it builds strength and power in your triceps, shoulders, forearms, abdominal muscles, and your back.

Another one of my favorite techniques from the CAT Isthenics program is “The Cat Groomer.”

This highly effective exercise technique is taken directly from a cat’s daily regimen. The mimicking of the cat’s grooming movements is not hard to do. Yet, it builds up a myriad of muscles.

It gets your legs really good … the quadriceps, calves, and glutes (come on, we all know both men and women don’t want a droopy butt!). And, it also gets your shoulders, biceps and triceps.

CAT-Isthenics Gets Every
Muscle Group You Need

As I explained to you earlier, I love CAT-Isthenics because besides being incredibly effective, it’s fun and easy to do.

You get an entire full body workout in 15-20 minutes. If you’d like to have more of the kind of powerful and agile physiques that the cats do, all you need to do is use the same system that they use.

The CAT-Isthenics Program May
Sell for Hundreds of Dollars Very Soon

I’ll be quite frank with you. I’m a performer and a health enthusiast. The business side of this project is being handled by my friend I told you about.

His company specializes in marketing instructional fitness programs. And, he’s telling me that they’re expecting that after they do some initial test marketing, they will bring this as a television offer like the programs you may see on late night television.

As I’m sure you’re aware, these TV products can be a little pricey. A price of several hundred dollars is quite common.

But, the one thing I did do is demand that my friend and his company make this incredible life changing program available for at least a little while at a price that an average person on a budget can afford.

So, I was able to get a reduced price for this test marketing phase that I’m sure you’re going to find very reasonable.

Before I tell you what I was able to negotiate for you, I want to give you one more piece of good news.

A Full 100% Money Back Guarantee

I’m certain that you’re going to love my program and that it’s literally going to change your life.

Look, I know that some people can’t help but sometimes have some doubts, so I’m putting my money where my mouth is. Here’s my guarantee to you:

You can try out my 
CAT-Isthenics Program
for a full 30 days.

If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied,
simply return it to the address on the disk and you’ll
get a full refund with no questions asked.

I can make this guarantee for one simple reason. You’re not going to need it. This program is so wonderful … so revolutionary, you’re going to be thrilled that you got it.

Finally, you’re going to be able to get yourself into great shape and you’re not going to have to kill yourself with brutal workouts.

I promised to give you the full details on the price.

Naturally, my friend’s company wanted to charge top dollar because this is such a top tier instructional program. They’re saying that a program this revolutionary will easily command a price of a couple of hundred dollars on television.

But, I really wanted to make sure that my program would be available at a rate that anyone could afford, so I haggled with them and got you a great price if you’re ready to take advantage of this introductory roll out.

Only $29!

Now, I know a discount of this nature sounds crazy. To be honest, I can’t guarantee how long they’re going to let this market testing phase run.

So, if you want to get into great shape, using the powerful secrets of mother nature instead of slaving at the gym, then I strongly urge you to get your copy of this DVD today before they raise it up to the informercial price.

I hope that you’ll be writing to me soon with your amazing results.


Elina Sol

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