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The Most Critically Important Muscle Group in Your Body is the One People Usually Ignore….

Lower Your Waist Size…Get Rid of Back Pain… Become Energetic, Powerful and Agile… All Without Weights or Expensive Gyms

Dear Health Conscious Reader,

I’m going to share a fitness secret that very few people are aware of.

I’ve discovered that there is a muscle group in your body that that when properly exercised will do more for your appearance and well being than all of your other muscles combined!

If you’ll allow me just five minutes of your time, I’ll give you the whole story.

Just so you know, my name is Larry Berman and I am the editor in chief of Naturecast Health Alerts, a natural health publication. 

We scour the planet to bring the latest breaking news and technology in the natural health field to our readers.

As you can imagine quite a bit of information regarding staying in shape comes across my desk.  But, when I read the facts that I’m about to share with you, I was…well, quite frankly blown away.

It turns out that the vast majority of people who do exercise are ignoring the one critical muscle group they should be addressing!

Now, don’t get me wrong.

I’m not saying that it’s a bad idea to do exercises that will tone up your arms, legs, etc.

To the contrary, exercising these body parts should be a part of a person’s fitness program.

But, what I am saying is that there is a much more important muscle group that shouldn’t be ignored…and unfortunately, most people do just that.

When you properly take care of this muscle group this is what you can expect:

Let’s face it.

These things above that I’ve mentioned are the ones that most people really want from doing exercise.

If you’re not looking to be the centerfold on some kind of sexy calendar issue, then what should really be most important to you is to get the above benefits and I’m going to tell you exactly how to do it.

And, not only will you be able to do it, but it won’t entail brutal weight exercises, going to expensive gyms or exhausting long cardio workouts.

It’s quite likely that the term I’m doing to discuss with you is one that you’ve heard before.

But, perhaps like me you may not be 100% clear on what it really means.

I’m embarrassed to admit that although I’m the editor of a health publication I was actually a little confused by the term they refer to as your “core.”

Core exercises strengthen 29 different muscles,
within the abs, torso and pelvis.

Core DiagramMany people are under the mistaken belief that your core and your stomach muscles are the same thing.

In fact, the core includes the entire system of 29 muscles which make up the lumbo pelvic hip complex.

These muscle systems comprise your upper back muscles (head carriage), gluteals (pelvis stabilization), oblique and what you consider "abs".

According to the Mayo Clinic:

“Strong core muscles make it easier to do most physical activities.” 

The core muscles stabilize the spine and pelvis and run the entire length of the torso. These muscles provide a solid foundation for almost all of your body’s movements.

The muscles of the core make it possible to stand upright and move on two feet. These muscles help control movements, transfer energy, shift body weight and move in any direction. A strong core distributes the stresses of weight-bearing and protects the back.

Your core muscles are the power house of strength! They are involved in almost  everything you do – sit, turn, reach, or even roll out of bed.

Core Workouts Can Trim You Waistline
And Protect Against Back Pain

The benefits of having a strong core go deeper than all of the functional strength and agility I’ve discussed above.

There is proof that core workouts can help you trim your waistline.

According to

“The most common result of performing the best core exercises correctly is the reduction in waist circumference.  People have lost up to 2 inches off their waist in the first month of training!”

In addition to helping you trim that unwanted bulge in your waistline, having a strong core will help protect your back.

People believe that abdominals are the primary muscles for protecting the back and being the foundation of strength, but they are only a small part of what makes up the core.

In fact, it is weak and unbalanced core muscles that are linked to low back pain. Weak core muscles result in a loss of the appropriate lumbar curve and a swayback posture. Stronger, balanced core muscles help maintain appropriate posture and reduce strain on the spine.

Weak or poorly controlled core muscles have been associated with low back pain (1,2). The back muscles are responsible for movements such as extension and flexion of the spine and rotation of the trunk.

Excessive or uneven shock on the spine may lead to back problems. This may be exaggerated because weak core muscles lead to improper positioning or a forward tilt.

In many exercises that use the back muscles, the abdominal muscles contract isometrically stabilizing the body.

The stronger and more correctly balanced the core muscles are, the less the uneven strain on the spine.

Core Strength Training
and Athletic Performance

Additionally, if you are involved in any kind of athletic activity…golfing, bowling, fishing or really any kind of leisure activity (yes this includes sex), having a strong core will improve your performance.

Because the muscles of the trunk and torso stabilize the spine from the pelvis to the neck and shoulder, they allow the transfer of powerful movements of the arms and legs.

All powerful movements originate from the center of the body out, and never from the limbs alone. Before any powerful, rapid muscle contractions can occur in the limbs, the spine must be solid and stable and the more stable the core, the more powerfully the extremities can contract.

How it works is the muscles of the trunk and torso act to stabilize the spine, pelvis and shoulder girdle. From this solid, balanced base the limbs can be moved powerfully and under control. In fact before rapid movements of the extremities can take place, the central nervous system stabilizes the spine in anticipation (3).

Plus, the rate at which the core muscles stabilize the spine may have a direct effect on the power of limb movement (4).

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Core Workouts Don’t Require Weights
Or Brutal Cardio

Once I realized how important core workouts were, I began to wonder about how difficult these workouts might be.

I’ll be honest with you, I’m still a pretty young guy who’s just approaching my fifties, but although I want to stay in shape, I’m not looking to start doing some additional incredibly taxing exercise.

Plus, I know from speaking with so many of our readers that they want to stay in shape too, but don’t want to endure agonizing workouts or the expense and trouble of dashing off to the gym.

That’s why I was so thrilled when I came across a professional fitness trainer who not only had a list of impressive credentials, but had an exercise program for the core that met all of my criteria.

Eunique FowlerIntroducting Eunique Fowler
and the Core Power Program!

Eunique is highly qualified to teach her Core Power Program.  She has a Bachelors in Exercise Science and has been teaching fitness professionally since 2006. 

Additionally, Eunique holds accreditations with a certification from the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America which is the largest fitness educator in the world and a second certification from the prestigious SCW Specialty Fitness organization.

In her Core Power Program, Eunique teaches you each individual exercise.  First, she demonstrates how to do the movements and then she actually counts off the sets so you can follower her at home as if you were taking a private lesson.

You won’t need any weights or any expensive equipment other than a volley ball or medicine ball (not included in the program) that you can easily pick up for around ten dollars locally.

This program is the specially designed proprietary system that Eunique has designed to develop the core muscle group.

For each exercise Eunique offers two choices:

For beginners she shows an easier less demanding way to do the movements or for those that are more advanced she demonstrates a more challenging method.

The Core Power Program will focus on these core muscles:

Rectus abdominis:

The most well-known and prominent abdominal muscle is the rectus abdominis. It is the long, flat muscle that extends vertically between the pubis and the fifth, sixth, and seventh ribs.

A strong tendinous sheath called the "linea alba," or white line, divides the rectus abdominis down the middle, and three more horizontal tendinous sheaths give the muscle its familiar "washboard" look in very fit athletes.

The rectus abdominis helps to flex the spinal column, narrowing the space between the pelvis and the ribs. It is also active during side bending motions and helps stabilize the trunk during movements involving the extremities and head.

External obliques:

The next group of muscles that make up the abdominals are the external oblique muscles. This pair of muscles are located on each side of the rectus abdominis. The muscle fibers of the external obliques run diagonally downward and inward from the lower ribs to the pelvis, forming the letter V.

The external oblique muscles allows flexion of the spine, rotation of the torso, sideways bending and compression of the abdomen.

Internal oblique:

The internal oblique muscles are a pair of deep muscles that are just below the external oblique muscles. The internal and external obliques are at right angles to each other.

Along with the external obliques, the internal obliques are involved in flexing the spinal column, sideways bending, trunk rotation and compressing the abdomen.

Because of their unique alignment, at right angles to each other, the internal and external obliques are referred to as opposite-side rotators. When the trunk rotates left, the external obliques (on the right) contract. When the trunk rotates to the right, the external oblique fibers (on the left) activate the movement.

Transversus abdominis:

This is the deepest layer of abdominal muscles it helps with respiration and breathing. This muscle helps facilitate forceful expiration of air from the lungs, stabilizes the spine and helps compress the internal organs.

Hip Flexors:

The hip flexors are a group of muscles that bring the legs and trunk together in a flexion movement. The hip flexors are not technically abdominal muscles, but they do facilitate movements during several ab exercises.

In order to isolate the abdominals you need to minimize the involvement of the hip flexors and maximize the contraction of the abdominals.

Erector Spinae:

The erector spinae is actually a collection of three muscles along your neck to your lower back. The Erector Spinae is a group of muscles that support the spinal column. The functions of the Erector Spinae group are to extend the spine as well as provide support for it.

Latissimus Dorsi:

These muscles (also known as the Lats) are the largest muscles of the back.

The Lats are attached to the upper end of the humerus with fibers running down in a fan down the vertebral column and pelvic girdle.

The function of the Latissimus Dorsi is to pull the arm down towards the pelvis. When the arm is fixed (e.g. during a chin-up), the lats serve to bring the body up towards the arm. It is the same basic movement but with the directions reversed. The Lats also function to stabilize the torso during many movements, including the flat bench press.

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A Totally Inclusive and High Quality Instructional DVD

The Core Power program is a totally inclusive program that teaches you all of Eunique’s proprietary exercise methods that will give you that fit appearance and feeling that everyone wants.

The DVD you will receive has been professionally recorded in an exercise studio using high end digital cameras and editing software.

If you were to get the kind of one-on-one private instruction that you’ll be able to enjoy in the privacy of your own home with Eunique, you’d need to pay her fifty dollars a session.

Even if you only took a couple of classes a week, you’d be looking at a bill of over $400 a month.

As you can imagine with a highly qualified instructor like Eunique Fowler and the professional production, it wasn’t cheap to produce this instructional DVD that you can’t get anywhere else.

Nevertheless, we want to make sure that the Core Power Program is available to everyone that wants one, so we’ve tried to set a reasonable price.
I’ll give you the full details, but first I’m also excited to let you know that you’re not going to have any risk.

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A Full 100% Money Back Guarantee

I’m certain that you’re going to love the Core Power Program and that it’s literally going to change your life.

But, look, I know that some people can’t help but sometimes have some doubts, so I’m putting my money where my mouth is.  Here’s my guarantee to you:

You can try out the Core Power Program for a full 30 days.  If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied, simply return it to the address on the disk and you’ll get a full refund with no questions asked.  

I can make this guarantee for one simple reason.  You’re not going to need it.  This program is so wonderful…so revolutionary, you’re going to be thrilled that you got it.

Finally, you’re going to be able to get yourself into great shape and you’re not going to have to kill yourself with brutal workouts.

I promised to give you the full details on the price.

Naturally, the finance manager wanted to charge top dollar because this is such a top tier instructional program.

But, I really wanted to make sure that Core Power Program would be available at a rate that anyone could afford, so against my better judgment I set a great price if you’re ready to take advantage of this introductory roll out.

Suggest Retail Price: $79
Now only $29!

If you would really like to get into great shape with exercises that are going to give you agility, strength and virility, then the Core Power Program will be for you.

Eunique will show you step by step in the privacy of your own home how to use her specially designed core exercises to get your whole core flexed and powerful.

But, please do understand that I can’t guarantee how long we will stay with this low introductory price, so if you want to get this amazingly low price I’d order it right now.

I hope that you’ll be writing to me soon with your amazing results.


Larry Berman

_____Yes, Larry, I want to get into amazing shape using Eunique Fowler’s  proprietary “Core Power Program.”  I understand that it will help me strengthen my core so that I have less risk of back pain, enhanced mobility, better athletic performance, and a healthy fit look and that I won’t need to lift heavy weights or use other expensive equipment other than a ball I can purchase myself for about ten dollars. I also understand that I won’t have any risk because I will have a full risk free 30 days to try out the program and if I am unhappy for any reason I can get a full refund by returning the program.

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1) Hodges PW, Richardson CA. Inefficient muscular stabilization of the lumbar spine associated with low back pain. A motor control evaluation of transversus abdominis. Spine. 1996 Nov 15;21(22):2640-50

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