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There is a system so powerful
that it was repressed
for many years …

So powerful that women become stronger
and faster than men within six weeks …

A system that will make you fit from the inside out …

Yet, you won’t ever lift more than five pounds
or step one foot into a gym!

Dear Health Conscious Reader,

For years this was a coveted system known only to the Israeli military, considered by many military experts to be the most effective, man for man, in the world.

It was so powerful that the FBI sent in agents to learn it … it is now taught in the highest levels of the US government but until now it has never been made available to the public …

I’m going to give you all the details about this very intriguing fitness system, but if you’ll allow me, I’d like to first introduce myself and explain why I think you may be very interested in hearing more.

My name is Larry Berman. I’m the editor of a natural health publication. I’m still a young man, not quite 50 and I am very interested in staying in fit, but I’m a businessman. Any thoughts I had about getting into fights are long since past.

If you’re reading this letter maybe you’re my age or a bit older, but whether you’re a man or a woman, you’re probably also NOT interested in fighting, but ARE interested in preserving your health and staying fit.

If that’s the case, then I believe you’re going to find what I’m about to tell you of great interest.

You Can Be Well Conditioned Without Exhausting Weight Lifting or Gym Works Outs

I’m going to tell you about an astonishing martial art system that for decades has been kept secret to the outside world.

Krav MagaThese practitioners are coated with lean muscle. Their upper bodies are ripped with definition. But they don’t get this kind of healthy looking muscle from lifting heavy weights.

They use specialized conditioning secrets that let you use your own bodyweight to burn off unwanted fat and replace it with taut lean muscle.

After all, unless you’re planning on entering body building competitions, you probably don’t have any interest in becoming overloaded with unnatural looking bulky muscle that can make you slow and less agile.

The kinds of training techniques that you can learn from this coveted conditioning system are ones you can do in your own living room or even at the office.

Most of them don’t require any equipment at all and they’re pleasant and simple to do.

This extraordinary system
I’m talking about is called Krav Maga.

Krav Maga is the official martial arts program for the Israeli Defense Forces and their police. It’s been proven to be so effective that governments around the world have brought in Israeli experts to train their personnel.

But, it is much more than a means of combat. Krav Maga uses some exceptional means of conditioning that can get virtually anyone into amazing shape.

For example take the story of S.Z. who is a dentist from San Diego.

When he began using the conditioning secrets of Krav Maga he says he was a 50 year old, overweight, health professional, plagued by occupational, repetitive injuries involving his back and shoulders.

“Within several months, I had shed the weight and had improved both muscular tone and flexibility to the point where I have very little trouble with the back and shoulder pain.”

S.Z., San Diego, California

Many women also find Krav Maga to be just what they were looking for to get into tip top shape using techniques that weren’t as unpleasant as brutal weightlifting. Some women find that if they’ve had trouble keeping up with other workout systems, Krav Maga made it possible to stick with it.

For example, Amy T. in Los Angeles says:

“Krav Maga is a great work out and its fun. If you're having trouble keeping on an exercise regimen I strongly recommend KM because it keeps you engaged as well as active.”

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Krav Maga Conditioning Works So Well Because of the “Anaerobic Effect”

Your body has different systems in place for different kinds of demands upon it that stem back from our early days before modern civilization when people had to survive in the wild.

There are certain times when you would need a sudden burst of energy for an instant demand like if a predator appeared and you needed to scramble up a tree for safety.

Today, our bodies are still wired to function under these kinds of circumstances even though these kinds of survival requirements are rarely necessary for average people living their daily lives.

Krav Maga can give you this kind of functional strength and lots of impressive lean muscle because it’s secret fitness methods are packed with anaerobic conditioning.

This is critical because it’s that anaerobic conditioning that builds lean muscle and strength.

If you look at marathon runners who jog giant distances, they are very thin and not healthy looking at all. So, you don’t want to do an exercise program that’s going to make you thin and fragile.

Then, if you look at bodybuilders, they are bulky, almost clumsy looking. Many of them would fall flat on their face if they needed to do something that required some quick agility and explosive strength.

What you want is to be coated with healthy lean muscle … the kind of muscle that athletes have … like a boxer, martial artist or even a basketball player.

When you use the kind of anaerobic conditioning that Krav Maga offers, you can get the vibrant, healthy looking type body that martial artist practitioners have.

Why Anaerobic Conditioning Works

Krav Maga History

Krav Maga was developed in Czechoslovakia in the 1930s by Imi Lichtenfeld. He first taught his fighting system in Bratislava in order to help protect the local Jewish community from the Nazi militia.

With the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948, Lichtenfeld became the Chief Instructor of Physical Fitness and Krav Maga at the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) School of Combat Fitness.

Krav Maga is now taught to civilians, military, law enforcement and security agencies around the world. The Norwegian Military and the Swedish Army both use Krav Maga in close combat training for urban warfare.

Your anaerobic metabolism is when your body creates energy through the combustion of carbohydrates in the absence of oxygen.

This occurs when the lungs cannot put enough oxygen into the through the bloodstream to keep up with the demands from the muscles’ energy.

This is the kind of short burst energy your body needs to do some kind of task that requires a quick burst of strength.

For example if you have to carry in a few bags of groceries or move a desk, these would be activities that would cause anaerobic metabolism.

Krav Maga practitioners require this kind of energy frequently and that’s why their conditioning methods develop this kind of ability.

To be healthy and fit, your body must have this kind of conditioning.

It is this kind of conditioning that gives your heart and lungs the capacity to function under duress and protect your body against cardiovascular and lung issues as well as giving you lean muscle and functional strength.

Anaerobic exercise is best
for muscle strength and flexibility.

Anaerobic exercise is the best for building muscle, flexibility and protecting your overall health. (1) It provides many benefits:

1) Strengthens Bones

By properly performing your anaerobic exercises, you will increase the density and weight of your bones more than you can with any other type of exercises. Osteoporosis is a concern for both men and women. Taking care of your body with the right anaerobic exercises can keep your bones strong and healthy.

2) Hardens Joints

It is a very simple rule: build muscle to protect joints. This happens by building bigger ligaments and muscles. By hardening your joints through anaerobic exercise, you are giving your body an edge against potential injuries and protecting against arthritic degeneration.

3) Increases Your Energy

In order to understand how anaerobic exercise can boost your energy levels, just remember this: muscles store glycogen (sugar) and this energy is called into action when you are performing physically challenging exercises. When you perform your anaerobic exercises, you increase muscle size and ultimately your ability to store energy. Building bigger muscles is the natural way to increase your energy and be healthy in the process.

The primary destination for the sugar (glycogen) we consume is the muscle. For people already with an active lifestyle, this sugar is either burned immediately or simply stored for future use as fuel. If you have a less-active lifestyle, then this sugar is turned to fat.

Furthermore, insulin, the hormone that regulates blood sugar, does not work as well for inactive individuals. The result may be an increase in blood sugar levels. Anaerobic exercise is vital to maintaining healthy and steady blood sugar levels.

4) Maintains Youth

After we hit 40, the body can lose upwards of six pounds of muscle every ten years. Turn back the clock by acquiring and maintaining the same muscle mass you had in your early twenties. Anaerobic exercises will help you build back this muscle and increase your energy level and overall health in the process.

5) Improves Your Appearance

Anaerobic exercise gets rid of that slouch-shouldered, bent-over look of middle age. The increase in muscle mass will go a long way to help make you look younger and stronger.

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A Customized Fitness System You Can Do

After reviewing the amazing success stories of so many people with Krav Maga it became obvious to us that our readers would clearly benefit from learning the powerful fitness techniques of this secretive conditioning art.

But, we also know that while our readers are interested in becoming fit and healthy, they aren’t planning on engaging in any street battles.

So, we needed an expert who could provide a program that let our readers utilize these effective fitness techniques to get into great shape without having to do unpleasant and taxing workouts like someone in the military or in law enforcement would do.

We needed a program that almost anyone could do even if they weren’t in shape yet.

That’s why it was such a blessing when we found the perfect instructor.

Introducing Damian Robinson

Damian RobinsonDamian Robinson is a professional fitness trainer that earns his full time living doing just that.

You only need to take one look at his photo to be able to know that he is in exceptional physical condition.

Damian has trained in various different styles of martial arts. But, he was just blown away when he discovered Krav Maga.

With Damian’s expertise as a fitness trainer combined with his martial arts background, he was able to put together a proprietary fitness program using the until recently “hushed secrets” of Krav Maga.

Presenting …
Krav Maga: The Lean Muscle Builder

Damian’s Krav Maga: The Lean Muscle Builder Program is a customized instructional fitness program that features Damian teaching you all of his Krav Maga fitness secrets on a DVD.

The good news is that these exercises are so practical that you can do them almost anywhere. Most of the techniques require nothing more than a couple of feet of room and maybe a chair. (Damian does suggest using dumbbells for some exercises, but they aren’t mandatory.)

Because Damian understands that everybody’s fitness levels aren’t the same, his program offers beginner’s versions that virtually anyone can do even if you’re not in shape yet.

And, for those people that are a little more advanced he also shows you techniques to make the exercises a little more demanding so even a very fit person can get an extraordinary workout.

Krav Maga: The Lean Muscle Builder Program has exercises for your whole body from your legs to your arms, shoulders and back.

Damian takes you through each exercise and explains exactly how to do it. If you’re not that mobile he shows you how you can do the same exercise holding a chair or in a sitting position.

If you’re ready for a bigger challenge, he shows you how you can step up the intensity and really push yourself.

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Get covered with lean muscle
in the comfort of your own living room.

What’s so great about Krav Maga: The Lean Muscle Builder Program is that you can do it in the convenience of your own home or even your office.

Because there’s no specialized equipment other than a chair and maybe a couple of dumbbells (if you want to step up the intensity), you don’t need to go to an expensive gym.

Let’s face it. Your likelihood of actually doing your workouts is so much better if you can do them from the convenience of your own home.

Plus, because these exercises don’t require lifting heavy weights or doing other brutal exercises (Krav Maga techniques rely on leverage and bodyweight), they’re pleasant to do.

Imagine having your whole body transformed:

Private Lessons with Damian Are $75 an Hour

Damian is very much in demand in south Florida where he offers private fitness training to clients at about $75 an hour.

So, if you were to have Damian giving you the kind of training he gives on his DVD in person you could realistically be expecting to pay about $1000 a month.

Naturally, I wouldn’t think of charging you that much, but with all of Damian’s talent and the fact that you can’t buy this course anywhere else, a price of $150 seems reasonable.

But, the good news is that you won’t have to invest nearly that much to begin getting into incredible shape using Damian’s Krav Maga: The Lean Muscle Builder Program.

I’m going to give you the full details in just one more moment, but first I want to share some additional great news.

You Will Have Zero Risk!

Listen, I’m so sure that you’re going to love Damian’s Krav Maga: The Lean Muscle Builder Program … that it’s going to transform your life and give you the lean muscled physique you’ve always dreamed of, that I’m going to take all the risk.

I want you to give Krav Maga: The Lean Muscle Builder Program a full no risk test drive for 30 days. If for any reason you aren’t absolutely delighted I’ll be happy to give you a refund.

No gimmicks … no red tape. You just mail it back to me within 30 days and I’ll refund 100% of your money. No questions asked.

I can make this incredible guarantee for one simple reason.

You’re not going to want to return it. In fact, you’re going to be thrilled that your life has begun to change as your body transforms using these techniques that simply weren’t available until now.

Okay, so I promised I’d explain the full cost. Now, I want you to remember that acquiring the services of someone with Damian’s talent and reputation was not cheap.

And neither was the cost of producing a professional digital DVD on broadcast quality state of the art equipment.

Like I said before considering all this, a price of $150 is not unreasonable at all.

But, I am so excited about this product that I want to make sure that anyone can afford it, so I’ve really upset my accountant with this special offer.

Please understand that the price I’m going to make Krav Maga: The Lean Muscle Builder Program available to you at is only an introductory special offer and that I can’t guarantee how long I will keep it this insanely low price.

Only $29!

Again, I can’t guarantee how long I will be able to maintain this introductory offer for before I cave in to my accountant and raise the price to it’s true value.

So, I’d suggest you place your order right now before the price goes up. All I ask is that after you’ve had your life change with the Krav Maga: The Lean Muscle Builder Program, that you please drop me a line and let me know what it’s done for you.


Larry Berman

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_____Yes, Larry, I want to change my life by getting my body coated with lean muscle, defined arms and legs, a strong back and shoulders and all the vigor and confidence that comes with being super fit using Krav Maga: The Lean Muscle Builder Program. I understand that I will have no risk because I will have a full 30 days to try out the program and if I’m unhappy for any reason I may return it for a full refund.

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(Please remember that dumbbells are not included but if you want to use them they can be purchased inexpensively at almost any store with a sports department.)


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