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Up to 86% of patients in clinical trials experience natural significant pain relief in only 1 day without Dangerous Prescription Anti-Inflammatories or Narcotics!

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Dear Health Conscious Reader,

As a doctor there is nothing more frustrating than not being able to help a patient.

It’s something you learn to live with as caring physician. But that doesn’t mean that you don’t do everything you can for your patients.

Today, I’m filled with more optimism than I’ve had for a long time.

One of my biggest frustrations has always been trying to help patients alleviate chronic pain.

Obviously, there are a number of prescription pain narcotics on the market.

However, they all come with major drawbacks.

Unless you’ve had your head buried in the sand you’ve most likely heard about the opioid crisis the nation has been dealing with.

While these kinds of pain pills can reduce pain somewhat they’re very addictive. Plus, they don’t actually address the underlying cause of the pain.

They just mask the pain. Thus, the relief is only temporary.

There are also many anti-inflammatory prescription drugs too. They’re generally referred to as NSAID’s.

Once again, often times the cure is worse than the problem it’s supposed to fix. These chemical drugs come with many nasty side effects.

So, I am very reluctant to tell patients to use these kinds of drugs as well. If you’re reading this letter you probably already know about the tremendous downsides of these chemical prescriptions.


But something big has changed and big pharma doesn’t want you to know about it.

The Natural Pain Relief Secret Big Pharma Will do Almost Anything to Keep From You!

If you’re wondering why these ruthless predators don’t get in more trouble, remember this: Big pharma companies spend approximately $240 million lobbying Congress every year – about double the $120 million that the oil and gas industry spends.

Why are they desperate to prevent you from getting natural pain solutions?

Quite simply…because natural healing substances cannot be patented. That means that these highly effective natural pain relievers can be produced and sold for a tiny fraction of the highly inflated prices that pharmaceutical companies like to charge desperate patients for prescription drugs.

Today, I am Letting the Cat out of the Bag!

cat out of the bag

I’m going to tell you about a natural ingredient that has been wiping away pain for patients so effectively that it may literally put the big pharma “head honchos” on the unemployment line.

Japanese scientists stumbled upon the remarkable anti-inflammatory and pain relieving qualities of a natural enzyme called Serrapeptase.

It’s a catalyst that kickstarts chemical and biochemical reactions in your body such as speeding up the repair of damaged tissue in your body.

This miraculous enzyme is derived during the process of silk cultivation. It’s been utilized in the orient for about 5000 years, but has only recently gotten the attention of the scientific community.

This breakthrough discovery was confirmed in Japan when the anti-inflammatory properties of Serratiopeptidase were first detected in 1967 by scientists who observed its powers to help silkworms dissolve their cocoons.

Later in the early 2000’s, through the groundbreaking work of renowned English researcher U. Baumann, the remarkable powers of Serrapeptase to reduce inflammation and reduce pain for people were confirmed.

This powerful natural enzyme reduces inflammation by thinning the fluids formed from injury or deterioration, which speeds tissue repair. It helps alleviate pain by inhibiting the release of pain-inducing amines called bradykinin.

I mentioned at the top of this letter about one study where 86% of the patients so significant relief from pain in only one day.

Let me be clear. 86% of patients reporting significant pain relief in one day is an astounding result.

In this study which was a platinum double blind controlled trial, the researchers took 70 patients suffering from pain. The patients were randomly divided into 2 groups, a treatment group and a placebo group.

The result: An incredible 85.7% of the patients receiving the natural ingredient, Serrapeptase had either marked or moderate improvement as compared with the patients receiving placebo. These differences were deemed statistically significant. (1)

Repeated Studies Confirm the Amazing Pain Relief Results

Certainly, this kind of result is quite noteworthy, but in this case these results were not just with one study.

A one study result would make me cautiously optimistic and hopeful.

But when you’re talking about multiple studies that all deliver the same result…now you’re talking about what would reasonably be called a sure thing.

Let me share with you a couple of these other studies so you can see for yourself what I’m talking about.

This next study was a double-blind, placebo-controlled study of 193 subjects suffering from acute pain. After 3–4 days' treatment, significant symptom regression was observed in patients treated with the active ingredient in Pain Rid Plus. Tolerance was found to be very good and it is concluded that this ingredient has anti-inflammatory, anti-oedemic and fibrinolytic activity and acts rapidly on localized inflammation. (2)

“A unique enzyme named serrapeptase has emerged as one of the most potent anti-inflammatory supplements.”

The above statement was written by the authors of another study published in the Journal of Pharmaceutical Analysis. The authors then add, “ It is proved to be a superior alternative to traditional NSAIDS like diclofenac sodium and ketoprofen which have pronounced side effects. Serratiopeptidase is a 'super enzyme' which has a huge list of health benefits.” (3)

As you can see these are very strong statements by highly respected researchers who make it very clear that this naturally occurring ingredient has stunningly effective anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties.

The scientists actually put in their published report that it is a superior alternative to prescription drugs!

Big Pharma May Actually get this Product Pulled Off of the Shelves.

I think it’s only fair of me to let you know that there is a real risk that I may be forced to stop making Pain Rid Plus available to my patients and the general public.

I’ve heard rumors from trusted industry sources that their lobbyists are pressuring both members of congress and the executive federal regulatory departments to ban it.

Frankly, I’m not surprised. I don’t think I’m in any actual danger myself but I’ve had a few strange unexplained things happen lately that have me really watching my own back.

But don’t worry. I won’t back down. I’m going to keep making Pain Rid Plus available unless I am literally forced by the government to stop selling it.

More Powerhouse Natural Ingredients Boost Pain Relief Even more

When I was creating my natural pain relieving formula I decided I wanted to deliver the most powerful natural pain relieving supplement ever produced.

That’s why as powerful as serrapeptase is I wanted to do even more.

So, I went ahead and added some other very potent natural pain killers as well. That’s why I decided to name it Pain Rid Plus.

These other natural ingredients are also proven to have remarkable pain relief properties.

The next ingredient I chose to include is Papain.


Papain is an Proteolytic enzyme extracted from the raw fruit of the papaya plant.

Research has shown proteolytic enzymes help reduce inflammation as well as or better than some anti-inflammatory drugs

Proteolytic enzymes improve circulation by reducing the viscosity (thickness) of the blood. This increases the supply of oxygen and nutrients to and the removal of harmful waste products away from traumatized tissue.

Proteolytic enzymes also help break down plasma proteins and cellular debris at the site of an injury into smaller fragments. This assists their passage through the lymphatic system, resulting in a quicker reduction of swelling which provides relief of pain and discomfort. (4)

Another remarkable natural pain relieving ingredient I knew was a must for my formulation was bromelain.


Bromelain is derived from the pineapple plant. Bromelain demonstrates powerful effects in alleviating pain, swelling, and inflammation. In clinical trials, bromelain-based formulations were more effective than an NSAID drug in relieving arthritis pain

In one study published in the U.S. Library of Medicine it states:

“Bromelain, an extract from the pineapple plant, has been demonstrated to show anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties and may provide a safer alternative or adjunctive treatment for osteoarthritis.” (5)

In a different landmark study conducted in Germany researchers conducted a platinum double blind randomized study sought to compare this potent natural enzyme to NSAIDs with patients that suffered from terrible hip pain.

The primary efficacy criteria were: pain, joint stiffness and function. The researchers concluded at the end of the trial that the natural ingredient worked equally well as the prescription product but also had the distinct advantage of none of the side effects that the pharmaceutical products came with. (6)

Even More Potent Pain Relievers…

devils claw

Perhaps you’ve heard of Devil’s Claw before?

By looking at the picture above you can probably see what it’s named that.

What you may not know about Devil’s Claw is that it’s also been shown in clinical studies to reduce pain and inflammation.

The active ingredient in this plant is called Harpagoside.

Phytomedicine published a study of 227 people with non-specific low back pain or osteoarthritis of the knee or hip that were treated with devil’s claw extract. After eight weeks up to 70 percent of people reported improvement in pain, mobility and flexibility.

In total Pain Rid Plus has eight proven natural pain and inflammation reducing ingredients. It’s too much information to list all of them in this letter, but from the information I’ve shared about the first four of them I think you can understand why Pain Rid Plus has been getting the stunning results it has.

It’s Time to Fight Your Pain Naturally!

If you’ve felt discouraged and started to accept that your life will always include never ending pain, then I strongly suggest you give Pain Rid Plus a try.

These amazing natural inflammation and pain reducing natural ingredients have been proven to work.

Big Pharma has tried to keep these natural healers out of your hands but that’s over now.

Since the vast majority of patients feel significant pain relief within 24 hours of taking the active ingredient in Pain Rid Plus along with all of the other proven natural healers I’ve also included, you can expect that your pain might also be greatly diminished perhaps in as little as one day.

One thing I should warn you about though is that all of these ingredients in Pain Rid Plus are high grade nutrients manufactured in a top tier facility so it is not a product that is extremely cheap although it’s much more affordable than many of the prescriptions nightmares big pharma wants to ply you with.

However, I was adamant when I met with the production team that we had to make Pain Rid Plus at a cost that an average person could afford. Forget those $6000 a pill pharmaceutical snakes!

I think you’ll be pleased with what we came up with. I’ll give you all the details in a moment, but first I wanted to give you just one more bit of good news.

You Can Try Pain Rid Plus With No Risk!

satisfaction guarantee

One Full Year Money Back Guarantee!

Here's the deal. I'm so confident that you are going to be thrilled with the results of this incredible natural supplement that is going to help your body fight off pain and inflammation to an extent you never would've dared to even dream, that I'm going to give you a no risk "test drive."

I'm going to give you up to a full 1 year to give Pain Rid Plus a try. If for any reason, you aren't absolutely thrilled with the results, you can send me your unused portion or even the empty bottle, and I'll give you a 100% refund.

How can I make such a generous guarantee? It's quite simple. Pain Rid Plus is an exceptional product. I know you're not going to want to return it. In fact, I believe that you'll be scrambling to place your next order to make sure you never run out.

Okay, so now that you have no reason in the world why you wouldn't want to try Pain Rid Plus, let's get back to the price. As I explained, this isn't some garden variety vitamin you can go pick up at the supermarket.

It's a highly potent mixture of very expensive all natural top grade nutrients and it's not cheap to make.

However, I did promise to offer you the opportunity to enjoy the pain reducing benefits of this amazing product at a price that is affordable. So, if you can help me clear out some space in my office this is what I'm going to do...

Only $39!

Yes, you've read correctly. I am offering you the chance to take advantage of the incredible pain relief benefits of Pain Rid Plus for only $39 for a 30 day supply.

But, please understand that I cannot guarantee how long I will be able to maintain this introductory price because we both know that it's real price should be at least double if not triple this bargain offer.

And, you might think I'm crazy, but I really need to get rid of these stacks of bottles in my office, so if you're the kind of person that enjoys getting a discount for buying in quantity, then I'll even cut you a better deal if you pick up a three or six month supply.

Look, there is no substitute for licensed medical care and there’s no magic want to just get rid of all of your problems, but the science is there that shows that giving your body these natural ingredients that have helped so many people reduce their pain levels is the next best thing.

So, if you want to stop living a life of pain and start enjoying life again, then I strongly suggest you place your order right now before the price goes up to its real value.

Dr. Scott Willis

___Yes, Dr. Willis, I want to reduce my pain and start enjoying life again. I want to be able to sleep at night and enjoy basic activities like taking walks, playing with my grandkids and just simply living. I understand that I will have no risk because there is a 100% money back guarantee if I am not thrilled with Pain Rid Plus.

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