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I’m Going to Show You
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That Is More Powerful and Fun
Than Anything You’ve Ever
Seen Before In Your Life!

Dear Reader,

That’s what we’re all looking for, isn’t it?

A great way to stay in shape that won’t be taxing…that won’t take up too much time….something that well, will really do the job.

This system that I’m going to tell you about is all that and more.

I will show you how in the comfort of your own home, you’re going to be able to get into the most amazing shape of your life.

But, the best part of it is that it’ll only take you about 30 minutes a few times a week.

I want you to imagine having a:

Chris and Vivianna
  • Taut, rock hard, flat stomach
  • Body covered in a coat of lean muscle
  • Strong pain free back
  • Powerful and defined legs
  • Impressive posture and stature
  • Forceful lungs and diaphragm

If you have any conditions or injuries don’t let that worry you.  Because this system is actually used to rehabilitate people too. I will give you all the information you’ll need to start using this system in just one moment.

But, first before I get into all the details, please allow me to introduce myself to you.

My name is Luana Hervier.Luana Hervier

I am a certified physical trainer with many years of experience teaching and coaching students.

I always knew I wanted to help other people.

And, I knew I wanted to do it by helping them get into great shape.  The only way I can explain it is that I was drawn to it.

I knew that was my destiny.

I want you to understand that I genuinely feel great joy when I help others to feel better about themselves and improve their health through my special program.

I have had a great deal of success with my pupils.  It’s magic to my eyes to see pounds of fat melt away and get replaced by lean hard muscle.

Let me also be clear that the system I’m going to reveal to you works equally well for both men and women.

This System Was Invented In Europe and Is So
Powerful It’s Been Successfully Used to
Rehabilitate Injured War Veterans

I know there are a lot of other kinds of programs out there that you may have heard of. 

Please don’t think that I’m putting any of them down.  I’m sure most of them are worthy and can help people, but forgive me for feeling like they just don’t compare to what I’m going to share with you today.

After all, how many of those other kinds of programs can make the statement above?

It’s a fact.  The United States government has used this program to help injured war veterans to get back into shape and recover from their injuries.

I think that pretty much speaks for itself.

But, the popularity of this astounding system is not limited to just specialists in the government.

It’s actually done worldwide by millions.

In fact, there are over 11 million regular practitioners just here in the United States.  The funny thing is that you’ve probably heard of it before.

However I’m going to bet that you don’t really know what it is.

PilatesMost people don’t. But, I’m not only going to tell you what it is, but I’m going to prove to you with science as to why this fitness system is so extraordinary.

This fitness system was originally invented by a man named Joseph Pilates who was a gymnast that was born in Germany.

Many people believe that Pilates is a form of yoga, but that is totally untrue.

A Strength Building System For the Core

In the exercise and fitness world today there is a hot word that everyone is using.  It’s called the core.

Well, it was Joe Pilates who first recognized the importance of the core and created highly efficient ways to develop it.

He originally termed the name “powerhouse” which is now known today as the core.

The core is comprised of the very large group of muscles in the center of the body – encompassing the abdomen, lower back, hips, and buttocks.  It is from this area that your strength originates out into the limbs.

In other words, the Pilates technique asserts that physical energy exerted from the center should coordinate movements of the extremities. Pilates felt that it was important to build a strong powerhouse in order to rely on it in daily living.

The focus in Pilates is on doing one precise and perfect movement, rather than many halfhearted ones. The goal is for this precision to eventually become second nature, and carry over into everyday life as grace and economy of movement.

When I teach Pilates I very much follow this principle. 

Think about how often you can go to a gym and see people just going through the motions.  They hate the exercises they are doing, so naturally they just try and bang them out regardless of how well they do them.

There’s an old saying, “garbage in…garbage out.”

But, with Pilates it’s quite different.  Each exercise you do is carefully defined to assure that it builds optimum strength and endurance for the targeted muscle group.

Many movements and postures in our daily life create imbalances: in other words, activities of daily living cause certain muscles to get tight, while allowing other muscles to become weak.

The main goal of Pilates is to strengthen the body in a uniform way by developing balance between large and small, and superficial and deep muscles. In this way, Pilates creates a balance between strength and flexibility.

The Other Reason Pilates
Produces the Results It Does

There is something else about Pilates that separates it from someone who just works out.

Pilates has a major emphasis on having an overall system that deals with all facets of the body.

Pilates created "The Pilates Principles" to condition the entire body: proper alignment, centering, concentration, control, precision, breathing, and flowing movement.

In Pilates it is believed that circulating the blood is a must so that it can awaken all the cells in the body and carry away the wastes related to fatigue.

For the blood to do its work properly, it has to be charged with oxygen and purged of waste gases through proper breathing.

If you stop breathing during exercise, you don’t get the full benefit. Full and thorough inhalation and exhalation are a part of every Pilates exercise. Pilates sees forced exhalation as the key to full inhalation.

When I teach my clients Pilates I don’t just show them how to move their bodies, but I show them how to breathe so they are able to get the full benefit.

The proper breathing not only oxygenates the muscles, but also reduces tension in the upper neck and shoulders. Pilates breathing is a posterior lateral breathing, meaning that the practitioner is instructed to breathe deep into the back and sides of your cage.

When you exhale, you will note the engagement of your deep abdominal and pelvic floor muscles and you will maintain this engagement as you inhale.

Proof That Pilates Works

There are too many studies to cite in a letter like this that offer proof that Pilates works miracles to cite them all, but allow me to share a few interesting facts with you:

During World War I there was an influenza outbreak, which killed many people throughout England. The unsanitary conditions at the internment camp meant that these prisons were hit the hardest.

However, there was one group that was trained in Pilates.  Amazingly, none of the followers of Joseph Pilates were infected with the disease. While research about the correlation between exercise and immunity was sparse in the medical community, this scenario served as a clear indication of the benefits of Pilates (1).

Study proves That Pilates Has a Measurable
Effect on Your Core

There was an EMG study that measured the effect of Pilates on three superficial core muscles: the rectus abdominis (the six-pack), external obliques (sides of your abdomen), and the rectus femoris (muscle in your leg that is part of the quads and used during sit-ups).

These muscles were tested during five Pilates exercises and were compared to the best other known abdominal exercises such as a general crunch. The Pilates exercises produced EMG values that were comparable to and/or higher than the general crunch, leading the investigators to conclude that the Pilates delivers. (2)

Pilates has also been reported to reduce back pain, improve sport performance and even reduce stress.

And, it’s a great way to help prevent injury because it helps to reduce imbalances in the body that may develop.

A large number of professional athletes make Pilates part of their training because  weight training programs tend to train larger muscles, while missing out on the smaller stabilizing muscles.

By taking part in Pilates a few times a week alongside your weight training program, you can help to make sure all of the areas of your body are properly trained.

“Most people will find Pilates fantastic for conditioning their bodies and achieving the various benefits.”

Pilates Can Help With Back Pain Too!

In one study where Pilates was compared with traditional treatment on individuals who had low back pain, it was shown that there was a significant and similar reduction in pain intensity and disability in both groups.

In other words Pilates made people feel better without drugs or expensive physical therapy.

And, in another independent study of Pilates to traditional care, Pilates was more effective in decreasing low back pain and disability. (3)

Isn’t that amazing?  Not only will Pilates pack on the muscle and have you feeling and looking great, but it can make you feel better.  It can get rid of pain.

I hope you are starting to understand why I am so enthusiastic about Pilates.

Introducing “Pilates For You”

PilatesI am very proud to present my new instructional DVD that will teach you everything you need
to get started reaping all the benefits that Pilates has to offer.

In my video I break down everything so that you can learn to do it at home.

Then, I actually do the workouts onscreen so you can follow along just as if I was there in your living room leading you step by step.

I offer a number of different routines and exercises that I have customized from my years of teaching, so that everyone can benefit from this video whether they’re a beginner to someone who is already in great shape.

Plus, you can do your workouts in about thirty minutes, so they aren’t nearly as time consuming as getting in your car and driving over to a gym or a class is.

In only a few sessions you will already begin to see amazing changes in your body.  You’re going to stronger and leaner.  And, along with the breathing exercises you’re going to feel a whole new vitality.

Many people tell me that they feel twenty five years younger after only a small number or workouts.  Listen to some of these success stories:

“Look, I’m a guy who likes to wear muscle shirts and go to the gym.  I was really skeptical if Pilates would be for me.  But, when I saw how incredibly conditioned Luanna was, I gave it a try.  And, boy am I glad I did!  I had the biceps but now that I’ve got the powerhouse core I feel like a new man.”

R. Schaeffer, Tamarac, Florida

“I’m a retiree.  I like to keep in shape, but I can’t do grueling weight workouts.  I was really thrilled when I tried Luanna’s “Pilates For You.”  I found a number of the exercises were just right for me and the breathing is terrific!”

L. Aron, Brooklyn, New York

“I’ve had to struggle with weight all my life.  I was looking for something that would help keep me fit and slim, but didn’t require long brutal workouts.  Finding Luanna’s system has been a real blessing.  My husband feels like he’s cheating with me because I look so different.”

Lori Dell, Atlanta, Georgia

The Value of Your Health is Simply Priceless

If you’ve seen the ads on television they talk about things that are priceless.  Well, the one thing that is priceless to me is my health.

When you try my “Pilates For You” system your body and your health can dramatically change.  So, how do you put a fair price on that?

I can tell you that I would have to give you at least about five private lessons for you to learn everything that I show you on the DVD.  And, of course, you can join me for a privately led workout anytime too.

The charge to get all this face-to-face with me would be about $250.  But, I wanted to make sure that anyone who wants to benefit from my system can, so I made sure the publisher would charge a lot less than that.

I’ll give you all the details in one moment, but first I wanted to give you one other piece of good news.

You Will Have Zero Risk

Listen, I am so sure that you are going to be thrilled from the moment you put my DVD into your player and try it out, that I’m going to back it up with action.

Here is the guarantee that I have arranged with the publisher:

100% Iron Clad Money Back Guarantee

When you receive your DVD you may try it out at your convenience for a full 30 days.  If at any time during that period you are unhappy for any reason you may send it back to the address on the disk and you will be given a full, no questions asked, refund.

What could be fairer than that?  The answer is nothing because you literally have no risk.  But, I’m not worried about that.  You know why?  Because I am certain you are going to thrilled.  Your life is going to change.  You’re going to feel like a brand new person.

It’s Less Than a Dinner For Two

Okay, so I had promised to fill you in on the details on price.  As I’ve pointed out if you got all of the same value from me on a one-on-one basis it’d cost you in the neighborhood of $250.

But, as promised you can get started on your way to a new you with “Pilates For You” for much less than that.

In fact, it’s even less than $100.

For an initial marketing trial you can even get a bigger discount.


Now, only $29!

That is less than the price of a dinner for two at any decent restaurant in town.  Now, I can’t promise that the publisher will keep this bargain rate for long, so if you want to start changing your life and using the most potent fitness program in the world, then you should take action right now!

I hope to hear about your success story real soon.


Luanna Hervier

______Yes, Luanna, I want to start enjoying all the benefits of “Pilates For You” right in the convenience of my own home with your instructional DVD that will show me everything I need to get into amazing shape.  I understand that I will have no risk because of your 30 day unconditional money back guarantee.

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(1) "Benefits of Pilates at LoveToKnow Exercise".



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