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Secret Soviet Cold War
Fitness System Revealed:

Become Agile, Powerful, Energetic, Quick and Lean Without Lifting Weights or Going to the Gym!

Dear Health Conscious Reader,

When the cold war finished many good things happened.

One important thing that happened in the fitness world is that the closely guarded fitness secrets of the Soviet and Eastern European block were finally revealed.

And one of these secrets had to do with an amazing way that their athletes got into shape.

I’m going to tell you all about this rather fascinating story and how it can help you get into incredible shape without the grueling workouts that so many people needlessly do.

First, if you’ll allow me, I’d like to introduce myself and give you some information about my background so you can determine for yourself if what I’m telling you is credible.

Eunique FowlerMy name is Eunique Fowler.

I am a professional fitness trainer.  I have a Bachelor’s
degree in Exercise Science and have been teaching
fitness professionally since 2006.

Additionally, I hold accreditations with a certification from the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America which is the largest fitness educator in the world and a second certification from the prestigious SCW Specialty Fitness organization.

I’m telling you about my background so you can understand that I have quite a bit of knowledge about training and staying in shape.

I Stumbled Across the Most
Powerful Fitness System I’ve Ever Seen

During my studies at college where I obtained my exercise science degree I had a very detailed education about the human body.  For example I studied:

To be quite truthful, I thought I knew everything I needed to know about health and exercise.

But, boy was I wrong!

As I began my career I began teaching and training people in a few various disciplines of exercise that I’d been trained in.

Don’t get me wrong.

People did get results using these conventional exercise methods.  But, not everyone was happy.

Let’s face it.  No matter how you dance you around it, lifting heavy weights just isn’t pleasant.  It’s grueling and agonizing.  But, worse than that, it can actually be dangerous.
Many people seriously injure themselves weightlifting.

Miami Television Station Reports On Man Who
Injured His Heart Weightlifting

WPLG Channel 10 News Reported:

“Charles Ashenfelter, 41, has been lifting weights for 25 years.  After a particularly grueling workout in June, he developed an unusual chest pain. "It started very mild and it progressively got worse, until it wasn't going to be ignored anymore," said Ashenfelter.
The pain was caused by a blood clot in his right coronary artery.

"It was probably during dead lifts or bent over rows, where you have a high intrathoracic pressure to begin with. Your blood pressure's about 220 over 190 during the lift itself and I probably dislodged a clot and sent it on its way," said Ashenfelter.

A study in the Journal of Cardiology States:

Lifting more than half your body weight could put you at risk for sudden death. Evidence shows the weight can cause the aorta, the heart's main artery, to tear in some cases.


In addition I was troubled by many of the cardio workouts that were being done.

Let me be clear, it’s very important that you get adequate cardiovascular exercise, but you’ve got to be careful about what you do.

First of all…

When You do Long Sets of Exercise You
Make Your Heart, Lungs and Muscles Shrink!

So many programs have you doing these big long work outs.  Sometimes they can be for a full hour.

But, here’s the problem with that.

When your body is pushed for long term endurance stress it does the natural thing it should do.  It starts to slow down your metabolism for one thing.  Then, it tries to work more efficiently, so it can last.

It is true that if you start doing something like working on jogging long distances your heart, lungs and legs will develop endurance so you can keep running further and further.

But, your body is accomplishing this by rationing out it’s expenditure of energy.

Muscles can actually shrink!

If you don’t believe me, look at a marathon runner.  Those men and women can run over twenty miles.

So, according to the flawed rationale they should have big thick muscular legs the size of tree trunks, right?  But, they don’t, do they? Not even close.  They have pencil thin legs. And, they certainly don’t look fit and robust to me.

Between the shortcomings of weights and these excessive cardio workouts that were being taught I knew I had to find something better.

So, I began a quest.

I dug deep.  There were countless hours spent poring over materials at libraries, online and personal interviews with renowned fitness experts.

Then, one day I made a discovery that had my heart pounding and my adrenalin flowing because I sensed I’d found a remarkable discovery.

I had been doing research on how Olympic athletes prepared themselves for competition.  After all, I reasoned…surely there wasn’t anyone in the world who would be in better shape than Olympic athletes.

But, I didn’t study any athletes training systems.

I wanted to study the methods of athletes who had exceptional records. 

That is why I decided to look into how the Russian athletes trained.  Or more specifically if you go back into time during the days of the “cold war,” I researched the methods of the Olympic athletes from the former Soviet Union.

The Soviets Developed an Incredible
Fitness System in the 1960s to Develop Greater Strength and Power in Their Olympic Athletes.

Back during the cold war the level of animosity between the former Soviet Union and the United States was considerably higher than today.

Of course each side wants to be the victor in athletic competitions like the Olympics now, but back then desire to decimate the other side was driven by genuine discord.

The Soviets allocated tremendous amounts of resources in both dollars and humans to find ways for their athletes to gain the upper hand.

The leading researcher in this field was a Russian scientist named Yuri Verkhoshansky. Dr. Verkhoshansky developed a system of exercises called plyometrics that used revolutionary new techniques to enhance the physical condition of their athletes. He published the results of his studies on this new form of training in 1964.

Essentially, plyometric movements cause a muscle to be loaded and then contracted in rapid sequence, using the strength, elasticity and innervation of muscle and surrounding tissues to get the muscles to perform better depending on the desired training goal.

Plyometrics Develop Fast Muscle Fiber

The term plyometrics refers to a training method based on the belief that pre-stretching a muscle prior to a concentric contraction will result in a more powerful concentric contraction. This pre-stretching prior to contraction is referred to as the “stretch shortening” cycle. This cycle is considered a natural muscle function. (1)

It works because a concentric (shortening) muscular contraction is much stronger if it immediately follows an eccentric (lengthening) contraction of the same muscle. It’s a bit like stretching out a coiled spring to its fullest extent and then letting it go: immense levels of energy are released in a split second as the spring recoils.

Plyometric exercises develop this recoil. Muscle fiber stores more elastic energy and transfers more quickly and powerfully.

Plyometrics is considered a valuable training method in achieving conversion of maximal strength into power. (2)

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More Efficient Nervous System

A final component in increasing power and speed is your nervous system. Every time you contract your muscles, a signal is sent from your brain to your muscles via your neuromuscular system.

The more efficiently your neuromuscular system can transmit this signal, the faster you can contract and relax your muscles, which in turn increases your athletic speed and power. Plyometrics boosts this efficiency.

According to Athletic

Plyometrics utilize the forces of gravity to store potential energy in the muscles, then quickly turn this stored energy into kinetic energy.
The natural elastic properties of the muscle serve as excellent store houses for the energy. 

Strengthened Tendons

In order to increase the power and speed of muscular movements, you need to increase the strength of your tendons. Moreover, stronger tendons mean fewer injuries.

Many men I know have had to undergo surgery
because they tore a tendon while playing soccer or
basketball. They might have been able to avoid
these injuries had they only worked on increasing
strength and elasticity in their tendons. Plyometrics
strengthen your tendons and boost their elasticity by placing stress on them in a controlled setting.

Let me try and explain this in as simple language as possible.

Your muscles seldom perform one type of contraction in isolation during athletic movements. When a concentric contraction occurs (muscle shortens) immediately following an eccentric contraction (muscle lengthens) then the force generated can be dramatically increased.

If a muscle is stretched, much of the energy required to stretch it is lost as heat, but some of this energy can be stored by the elastic components of the muscle. This stored energy is available to the muscle only during a subsequent contraction.

This energy boost is lost if the eccentric contraction is not followed immediately by a concentric effort.  Most conventional exercise systems allow this energy to be lost.
But, in a plyometric workout it is retained.  Thus, a far greater result may be achieved.

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Once I’d uncovered this incredible discovery I knew I had to design a system that would allow everyday folks to enjoy the benefits.

After all, most people aren’t looking to become Olympic athletes.

Most people just want to be healthy, fit and agile. So, that’s what I knew I had to deliver.

Introducing Plyometric Dynamics

What I did when developing my proprietary program, Plyometric Dynamics is take the most powerful properties of plyometric principles and tailor exercises that average people can do.

I have designed a fun but very effective program that doesn’t require any equipment other than either a volley ball or if you’re more advanced in your workouts a medicine ball.

And you can do it in less than half an hour!

Following this system you can get the amazing results from plyometrics.

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A Totally Inclusive and High Quality Instructional DVD

The Plyometric Dynamics program is a totally inclusive program that teaches you all of my proprietary plyometric exercise methods that will give you that fit appearance and feeling that everyone wants.

The DVD you will receive has been professionally recorded in an exercise studio using high end digital cameras and editing software.

If you were to get the kind of one-on-one private instruction that you’ll be able to enjoy in the privacy of your own home with me, I’d have to charge you at least fifty dollars a session.

Even if you only took a couple of classes a week, you’d be looking at a bill of over $400 a month.

But I wanted to make sure that the Ploymetric Dynamics Program is available to everyone that wants one, so I negotiated with the publisher to set a reasonable price. I’ll give you the full details, but first I’m also excited to let you know that you’re not going to have any risk.

A Full 100% Money Back Guarantee

I’m certain that you’re going to love the Plyometric Dynamcis Program and that it’s literally going to change your life.

But, I know that some people can’t help but sometimes have some doubts, so I’m putting my money where my mouth is.  Here’s my guarantee to you:

You can try out the Plyometric Dynamics for a full 30 days.  If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied, simply return it to the address on the disk and you’ll get a full refund with no questions asked.  

I can make this guarantee for one simple reason.  You’re not going to need it.  This program is so wonderful…so revolutionary, you’re going to be thrilled that you got it.

Finally, you’re going to be able to get yourself into great shape and you’re not going to have to kill yourself with brutal workouts.

I promised to give you the full details on the price.

Naturally, the publisher wanted to charge top dollar because this is such a top tier instructional program.

But, I really wanted to make sure that Plyometric Dynamics Program would be available at a rate that anyone could afford, so they have agreed to a very low trial price if you’re ready to take advantage of this introductory roll out right now.

Suggested Retail Price: $79
Now only $29!

If you would really like to get into great shape with revolutionary exercises that are going to give you agility, strength and virility, then Plyometric Dynamics Program will be for you.

I will show you step by step in the privacy of your own home how to use my specially designed plyometric exercises to get your whole body flexed and powerful.

But, please do understand that I can’t guarantee how long the publisher will stay with this low introductory price, so if you want to get this amazingly low price I’d order it right now.

I hope that you’ll be writing to me soon with your amazing results.


Eunique Fowler

_____Yes, Eunique, I want to get into amazing shape using your proprietary “Plyometric Dynamics Program.”  I understand that it will help me strengthen my arms and legs, give me increased abdominal muscles, enhanced mobility, better athletic performance, and a healthy fit look and that I won’t need to lift heavy weights or use other expensive equipment besides a volley or medicine ball I can purchase myself for about ten dollars. I also understand that I won’t have any risk because I will have a full risk free 30 days to try out the program and if I am unhappy for any reason I can get a full refund by returning the program.

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(1) Komi, P.V.(1984).”Effects of muscle structure and stretch-shortening cycle on force and speed. “Exercise and Sports Science Reviews Vol.12

(2) (Bosco, et al.1979).

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