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A Simple Ball Will Put You into the Best Shape of Your Life

Every Part of Your Body Will Be Ripped With Lean Muscle and You’ll Have Fun Doing it.

Dear Reader,

If six months ago you’d told me I’d ever make the statement above I’d tell you that you were nuts.

How would a ball make all of a person’s body ripped with muscle?

Well, let me share with you how I found out about a fitness system that has blown away anything else I’ve ever seen.

My name is Larry Berman and I’m the editor-in-chief of Naturecast Health Alerts.  Our company is constantly combing the planet to uncover the best fitness systems that are out there.

For a number of years I’ve seen these exercise balls in gyms.  I’ve even seen a few people using them.  Frankly, I wasn’t too impressed with what I saw.  It looked like another way to do sit-ups.

But, what I didn’t know is that the people I saw using these balls didn’t know what they were doing.

There Are Powerful Secrets That Most People
Don’t Know About

Whether it’s in the fitness world or in another area of life, there are two kinds of people:

There are those that use the powerful insider secrets to reap the greatest rewards and there are those that are on that outside looking in.

I like to use as an example this martial art called Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

About ten years ago nobody in the United States had ever heard of this system.  Then, a new sport emerged called mixed martial arts where people from different systems competed against each other.

What happened shocked the entire martial arts world! 

One average sized guy of about 190 lbs. wiped the floor with every challenger in every discipline no matter how big they were.  This Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner used techniques nobody else had ever seen.  In just seconds he was making men with a  hundred pound weight advantage tapping out and pleading for mercy!  He did this because he was using powerful secret techniques they didn’t know about.

I could go on and cite examples from other areas of life, but I’m sure you get the point. 

There are certain elite groups of people who are using potent techniques that the masses simply don’t know exist.

And, that’s what’s going on with unbelievable simple ball.

The Stability Ball’s Power Was First Uncovered
in the 1960’s

Going back to my story…about six months ago I became more curious about these funny balls lined up in every gym, so I did a little research.

I learned that there was a lot more to them than just a ball to do sit-ups on.  Apparently, these balls usually called a stability ball have been around for about fifty years.

According to

“The Stability Ball’s clinical application by Dr. Susan Klein-Vogelbach, a
Swiss PT, can be traced back the 1960’s.”

Swiss Physician Discovers the Power of the Stablity Ball

In the later 1960’s, Dr. Susanne Klein-Vogelbach, the director at the Physical Therapy School in Basel, Switzerland, integrated the use of ball exercise as physical therapy for neuro-developmental treatment. Based on the concept of "functional kinetics", Klein-Vogelbach advocated the use of ball techniques to treat adults with orthopedic or medical problems.(1)

Originally, they were created to help people with rehabilitative exercises where they proved to be tremendously effective.

Let me explain why the ball is so powerful.

A primary benefit of exercising with an exercise ball as opposed to exercising directly on a hard flat surface is that the body responds to the instability of the ball to remain balanced, engaging many more muscles. (2)

The stability ball allows gentle resisted flexion and extension of the spine, which allows the multi-segmental musculature to be fully engaged. Consequently, the development of these spinal muscles allows better postural control and greater efficiency in movement. 

The body must respond to movement of the ball to remain balanced, engaging many more muscles than doing the same exercise on a stable flat surface. Whether you are a seasoned athlete or new to the fitness scene, an exercise ball will enhance your work out.
According to renowned physical trainer, John Leonard:

“The Stability Ball we have found probably to be our most versatile piece of equipment. This system has a way that no other exercise equipment I have come across has.  That is that they incorporate the use of:

Getting back to the ball’s history…in the 1980's American physical therapists visiting European clinics learned of its use and brought this knowledge back to North America. During the early 1990s, the exercise ball moved from the rehabilitation setting into the athletic arena and now is prominent in the fitness world.

The Los Angeles Times Reports:

Be aware when you are working on a stability ball that your torso muscles are doing double duty. They are contracting and releasing to perform the exercise and they are also working continuously to keep you balanced. By using the ball you will be developing muscular strength and, at the same time, you'll be teaching those muscles how to hold and support your spine in a variety of positions. That support comes in handy whenever you stand, sit or lean in any direction.

Powerful Tools Must Be Used Correctly

After learning all this very convincing evidence about the power of a stability ball, I felt confident that I was onto an amazing new way to work out.

Think about how great your workouts can be.

You can forget about having to race over to the gym several times a week.  Let’s be real, everyone is so busy it’s very hard to get over to a gym on a regular basis.

I also want you to forget about lifting heavy weights.  Not only is it grueling and unpleasant to hurl them around, they can actually be risky.

In an article published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), medical doctors revealed that their research shows that lifting weights can put you at great risk for cardiac problems(3).

These doctors discovered that when lifting heavy weights your blood pressure can skyrocket. The team concluded that the dramatic rise in blood pressure from intense strength training and weight lifting ruptures the internal layer of the aorta, inducing devastating aortic dissection.

But, with a stability ball, none of that comes into play.  Your entire body gets coated with lean muscle without that kind of risky and agonizing straining.

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This all of course sounded great to me, but there was one thing I was missing.

I needed to know how use the stability ball.

I didn’t want to be another one of those people doing their sit-ups on the ball, thinking I was using it right when I wasn’t really getting the benefits of it.

I wanted to make sure that I was getting all the right techniques so I could get the full benefits.  Which brought me to the next step…I had to find a qualified instructor.

Dana LaurieIntroducing Professional Fitness Trainer Dana Laurie

When you see Dana explain these exercises on her DVD it will really impress you.

I know I very impressed.  First of all, she’s clearly in awesome shape herself.  And when it comes to fitness, I don’t believe in those that can’t…teach.

No, sir, when I want to get my fitness instruction I want it to be with someone who is clearly the real deal.

Dana Laurie is a working fitness professional who has a very big following in the exclusive south Florida area.

Certainly when you see Dana you can tell she’s in great shape. But, there’s more to it than just looking fit.  Dana has a very clear way of explaining everything.  When you watch her, she shows you step by step what to do.

Dana’s Program Gets All Your Muscles

While getting a nice flat firm stomach is one of the definite results of Dana’s program, there’s much more to it than that.

Dana Laurie working outWhen you follow along with Dana your whole body gets a workout.

When you perch yourself on the ball in different positions your arms…the biceps and triceps get

But, it’s not only your arms, it’s your shoulders, and your entire core.  Your back, chest trapezoids, and all the different abdominal muscles get worked out.

Doing your workout with Dana is so easy.

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Imagine you pop her DVD into your player, sit down in the living room with your ball and just follow Dana through a whole workout.

By the way, just so you know, the stability ball is readily available in places such as a Walmart for about ten bucks.  So, you’re not going to need to invest in any expensive equipment.

Dana will take you through each exercise, showing you the right positions and then counting you through a set.

And, remember, the stability ball was originally designed for people who required rehabilitation so if you’re just getting started to get into shape, you’ll have no problem using the stability ball.

But, don’t worry, if you’re more advanced, the stability ball will do wonders for you too.  Dana will show you how to do each exercise the basic way and how to make it more challenging for those that are ready for it.

Dana’s Workout System Isn’t Available
Anywhere Else

I want to make something else very clear to you.  When I searched for a qualified instructor I wasn’t looking for anyone that could do a ball workout.

Quite to the contrary, I was looking for someone who was in fact a specialist with a stability ball.

I wanted someone that had extensive training with a stability ball so they could help both myself and my readers really get the full benefits this amazing invention offers.

So, be sure of this…you may be able to find someone who offers a class at a local gym that offers some exercise classes that includes the use of a stability ball, but you cannot easily find someone that offers this level of specialized and specific training.

A Private Workout With Dana Costs $50.00

If you wanted to have Dana lead you through the same workout on her DVD in a private training session it would cost you fifty bucks…and it would be worth every penny.

But, the great news is that you don’t need to go that route because you can get the very same workout with Dana’s expertise taking you through the whole workout…explaining how to do everything right…so you can reap the power of the ball on her DVD.

Think about this.  If you had Dana giving you a private workout session three times a week, that’d be $150 a week or about $600 a month.

So clearly, even if you had to invest $100 to own the DVD you’d still be making out quite well.

But, here’s the good news the cost is actually much less than that.  I’ll give you the full details but let me give you some other good news first.

You Will Have Zero Risk!

I am so positive that you are going to be thrilled with Dana’s Stability Ball Workout System that I’m going to make you this guarantee:

A 100% Iron Clad Money Back Guarantee

I want you try out Dana’s program in your own home at your convenience for a full 30 days.  If for any reason during this period you aren’t 100% convinced that the program is everything I’m telling you it is, then simply mail it back to us and I’ll give you a full refund…no questions asked.

Let me explain why I can make such a guarantee.  I can do it because I know that you’re going to be blown away with this program.  You’re going to love it so much that you won’t consider returning it.  You’re going to be too busy using it.

Okay, so I promised to give you all the details on the price.  As I explained based on what it would cost you to get private workout sessions with Dana and considering her level of expertise and credentials, a hundred dollars for this DVD program would certainly be reasonable.


Only $29!

Based on the uniqueness and the quality of this DVD program, the original retail price that was put on this program was $79, but one of the reasons Dana agreed to produce this DVD with us was so she could help more people get into terrific shape with her system.

So, she haggled with us and we finally relented.  For this initial test offering the price is the amazing bargain price of only $29.

But, I should warn you that I cannot guarantee how long we will be giving away this program at this discounted rate.  Dana does understand that we will be raising up the price to it’s real value as soon as the test is over.

Therefore, if you want to take advantage of this deal, then you should order right now.

Dana Laurie’s Stability Ball Program is quite simply a fitness breakthrough that will change your life.  You’ll get into amazing shape and it will be fun and easy.


Larry Berman

____Yes, Larry! I want to take advantage of this amazing low introductory price so I can get all the amazing benefits of Dana’s Stability Ball Workout Program in my own home.  I also understand that I will have no risk because there is a full 30 day iron clad, no questions ask money back guarantee.

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(1) Klein-Vogelbach, Susanne (1990). Functional Kinetics: Observing, Analyzing, and Teaching Human Movement. Springer-Verlag. ISBN 0387153500

(2) Vera-Garcia FJ, Grenier SG, McGill SM (2000) Abdominal muscle response during curl-ups on both stable and labile surfaces. Phys. Ther. 80, 564-569



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