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You Won’t Be Lifting Weights...
You Won’t Be Using Expensive Machines...
You Won’t Be Killing Yourself With Cardio...

You Won’t Be Doing Any of
the "Traditional" Exercises

But You Will Be Covered With Lean Tight Muscle And Feel Better Than You Ever Have!

(The release of this proprietary system may actually severely
cut into gyms and traditional fitness trainers business)

Dear Health Conscious Reader,

There is a real concern going through the fitness industry.

Why?  Because what they have been selling may become obsolete.

If what you want is to have a nice lean body with tight, hard muscle I’m going to prove to you with science that you don’t need to do hard weightlifting workouts to be amazingly fit.

Fitness researchers have begun to realize that there is a much simpler method that can give you tremendous health benefits and fit lean bodies that just doesn’t require all that killer exercise.

I want you to imagine that by doing a simple program for 20 minutes several times a week you’re going to have:

Why Other Work Out Systems Fall Short

Listen, I’m not going to tell you that lifting weights isn’t going to give you bigger muscles.

There is no question that it will.  The question is if doing grueling workouts is the right method for your body and goals.  For one thing, if you’ve ever tried lifting weights you know that it is brutally exhausting and painful.

Secondly, lifting heavy weights comes with risks.  It’s very common to get agonizing short term injuries like pulled backs and necks.  This can happen even if you are using the right techniques.  Many people just don’t have the genetics to cope with the intense demands upon the bones, joints, muscles, tendons and cartilage.

Additionally, there are significant long term risks from lifting weights.  A significant amount of long term weight lifters end up with chronic problems such as tears to rotator cuffs or other joints, tendons and ligaments. 

Quite often, these injuries result in needing surgery!

After surgery comes months of painful and expensive therapy just to get back to where you started.  In other words, if you engage in serious weight lifting you have a reasonable likelihood of causing yourself a lot of damage that will put you way behind in your effort to stay fit and healthy.

Finally, if you look at any serious weight lifter, you can see that while they may have a lot of muscle, it doesn’t look natural and healthy.

Half of these guys look like they can hardly move.  Unless your goal is to become a professional body builder would you really want to become so tight and rigid you move like an ancient brontosaurus?                                                             

Expensive Workout Equipment Isn’t the Answer

While expensive workout equipment can help ease some of the wear and tear on your body, these kinds of exercises still cause considerable stress to joints, ligaments and tendons.

Again, if your goal is to just be lean and fit and not a gargantuan weightlifter, then you don’t need to do these kinds of intensely hard and grueling workouts.

Let me not mince words.

When I tell you what this workout system is based on, you might be fairly surprised.

You see, when most people think of these kinds of exercises they aren’t aware that a big part of the benefits from them is that they do an amazing job of building nice lean muscle and definition.

Since I think you deserve to know who’s providing you this information, I’d like to introduce myself.

Introducing Dana Laurie

Hi, my name is Danie Laurie.                                                                             

I am a professional fitness trainer who specializes in getting average folks into shape.

I have taught hundreds and hundreds of students how they can get into great shape without having to do the brutal kinds of workouts that are offered in gyms or by doing home workouts with expensive equipment or home weight sets.

I am a certified trainer with many years of experience and a clientele so large, I often need to make use of a waiting list to get into my classes.

But the great thing is that I keep myself in this condition without lifting weights or doing any high risk exercise.

Stretching Does a Lot More Than
Make You Feel Loose

One of my principal secrets to staying in great shape is full body active stretching.

When trying to develop strength and power, most people devote their time to lifting weights, pushing as much as physically possible. Some will also do a little cardiovascular training to improve endurance.

What most people don't do, however, is stretch.

Now, when you first think of stretching maybe you’re imagining someone doing ballet or a karate practitioner in a deep split.

Yes, these people are stretching, but that’s not the kind of stretch workouts that I show my clients how to do.  Those are people doing extreme stretching for a particular sport or activity.

And, most of those people are focusing on leg stretches. 

When you do full body stretches you not only increase your agility and flexibility but you really get your body into shape.

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New Study Results Prove
the Efficacy of Stretching

In one study it was found that a regular stretching program may actually enhance performance, making people stronger and increasing their endurance.

"Stretching appears to do more than just increase range of motion," says study author Arnold Nelson, an associate professor of kinesiology at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge. "The extent that some people improved was surprising," he says. "Some people had fantastic improvements."

In Nelson’s report, he also notes that stretching may especially benefit people who need exercise the most but are too weak to lift weights or get moving. "It's a catch-22," he says, but stretching can be a good place for them to start on a path to wellness.

Nelson believes stretching affects muscles in a similar way as strength. "We suspect it's activating some of the same things in the cell that (strength) exercise activates," he says.

More Proof on the Power of Stretching
to Make You Fit

Exercise physiologist Michael Bracko, a spokesperson for the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) reported in a different study that involved 38 mostly sedentary people who were divided in two groups.

One group did not do any stretching exercises during a 10-week period while the other group engaged in a program that required stretching a few times a week.

Nobody was surprised that the group that stretched became measurably more flexible, but the additional results really shook up the researchers beliefs about the benefits of stretching.
The group that did the stretching also increased their strength, as measured by their ability to perform on weight machines. The amount of weight they could lift one time - their "one-repetition maximum" - increased an average of 32 percent for knee extension exercises and 15 percent for knee flexion exercises. Their muscular endurance - defined at the number of repetitions they could do at a weight that was 60 percent of their max - improved 29 percent for knee extension and 30 percent for knee flexion.

In addition, the stretching group saw more modest gains in other areas. Their vertical-jump distance increased 7 percent and their standing long-jump distance increased 2 percent.

And the people in the control group (the ones that didn’t stretch) saw no improvements in any of these areas, results showed.

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This Ten Week Study Adds to the Proof!

The BYU-Hawaii researchers had male and female students follow a 10-week stretching protocol consisting of 15 different static stretches for the legs, which were held for 15 seconds each and performed three times a week.

The scientists tested subjects' flexibility as well as their one-rep-max (1RM) strength and muscle endurance (how many reps they could complete with 60% 1RM) on the leg extension and leg curl. The researchers reported that not only did test subjects' flexibility significantly increase but so did their 1RM and muscle endurance on both leg exercises.

“This study shows that a consistent stretching program in the absence of any strength training can significantly increase muscle strength on its own.”

Dana Laurie StretchingIntroducing the
Stretchmatic Strength System
Instructional DVD

Let’s start by talking about how I’m going to strengthen your shoulders.

There is a very simple reason why shoulder stretching is so important when it comes to increasing upper body strength.

In general, many of the muscles in your shoulders are not used during everyday activities. For instance, when you carry a bag of groceries upstairs, you use your legs to walk and your arms to carry the bag. But even in an everyday activity like this, the muscles in your shoulders get very little use and, therefore, do not get strengthened at all.

But, if you do the shoulder stretches I’m going to teach you it will increase the flexibility and range of the joints in your shoulders, it will also give you the chance to build up more strength in your entire upper body by giving you better posture and making you stronger up top.

The same rules apply to your back muscles and trapezoids.  When you do my back stretches you will train your trunk to spiral on the central vertical axis while maintaining the support of a stable pelvis. This will work the oblique abdominals and the back extensors.

Then, I will show you other exercises that will stretch the abdominals and hip flexors which will strengthen the abdominals, back and shoulders as well as the pelvic floor.

And, of course we will be building up the strength and flexibility of your legs too.

I’ll be showing you a powerful series of my proprietary leg stretches that will work all of the following:

When all of these muscle groups are strengthened and flexible, it will not only make you look fit and vital, but your body will be well protected.

Your joints, tendons and ligaments will be more stable and less likely to be injured when they are in tip top condition.

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I Charge $50 For a Private Training Session

If I were to see you in person and train you with all of my personal training secrets I would have to charge you $50 per session.

If you did three sessions a week, that’d be about $600 a month.

I also want you to know that there was a lot of expense and great detail put into creating my instructional DVD.

It was shot with a professional production team that used top quality professional digital video. It was also shot at a professional exercise studio and was digitally edited by a top flight editor.

In addition to the technical production quality I went to great pains to explain each of my techniques slowly and carefully so you can easily do them at home. These are techniques that you aren’t going to find on someone else’s video or at your local gym.

I show you precisely how to do each movement and you can follow along as if I’m right there in your living room.

Considering the expense that was incurred to produce this video and the amount of money that it would cost you to get this exact training in person, I’m sure you can understand that the production company feels entitled to charge it’s full value.

I’ll give you the full details, but first I’m also excited to let you know that you’re not going to have any risk.

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A Full 100% Money Back Guarantee

I’m certain that you’re going to love my program and that it’s literally going to change your life.

Look, I know that some people can’t help but sometimes have some doubts, so I’m putting my money where my mouth is.  Here’s my guarantee to you:

You can try out my Stretchmatic Strength System for a full 30 days.  If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied, simply return it to the address on the disk and you’ll get a full refund with no questions asked.

I can make this guarantee for one simple reason.  You’re not going to need it.  This program is so wonderful…so revolutionary, you’re going to be thrilled that you got it.

Finally, you’re going to be able to get yourself into great shape and you’re not going to have to kill yourself with brutal workouts.

I promised to give you the full details on the price.
Naturally, the producers wanted to charge top dollar because this is such a top tier instructional program.

But, I really wanted to make sure that my program would be available at a rate that anyone could afford, so I haggled with them and got you a great price if you’re ready to take advantage of this introductory roll out.

Originally $79

Now only $29!

If you would really like to get into great shape and don’t want to do agonizing, ineffective workouts that could possibly injure you, then the Stretchmatic Strength System will be for you.

I will show you step by step in the privacy of your own home how to use my specially designed stretch exercises to get your whole body covered with ripped lean muscle.  I’m so sure that my system will work that I’m going to let you try it out with zero risk.

But, please do understand that I can’t guarantee how long the producers will stay with this low introductory price, so if you want to get this amazingly low price I’d order it right now.

I hope that you’ll be writing to me soon with your amazing results.


Dana Laurie

_____Yes, Dana, I want to get into amazing shape using your proprietary “Stretchmatic Strength System.”  I understand that it will help me build strength and lean muscle all over my body and that I won’t need to lift heavy weights or use other expensive equipment. I also understand that I won’t have any risk because I will have a full risk free 30 days to try out your program and if I am unhappy for any reason I can get a full refund by returning the program.

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